Knock Out Spam With the One-Two Punch

Written by Sharon Fling

Are you sick of spam relentlessly spewing into your emailbox? So was I, until I learned how to knock it out, or at least slow it down, with my one-two punch. Do both of these things, neither of which will cost you a penny, and enjoy a distinct decrease inrepparttar amount of garbage in your inbox.

Here we go:

#1 Mail Washing

First, hitrepparttar 132749 spam with Mailwasher, available free at This easy to set up little program lets you preview email before downloading it. You see allrepparttar 132750 usual details - sender, subject, size - but with one big difference: you can decide BEFORE downloading if you want it.

You get, I'm sure, many emails that you wouldn't have downloaded if only you'd known what was in them. That's just one thing Mailwasher can do for you. Its real power is in its ability to 'bounce' unwanted messages (spam) right back torepparttar 132751 person who sent it, marked 'message undeliverable.'

Torepparttar 132752 spammer it looks as if your e-mail address is no longer active, and hopefully,repparttar 132753 next time they 'clean' their list, your email address will fall off. But even if it doesn't, Mailwasher addsrepparttar 132754 spammer's address to a blacklist. The next time they spam you, it's already marked for deletion. (You can always unmark it.)

When you're finished 'washing' your mail of spam and unwanted downloads, click 'process mail' and whatever messages are left will be downloaded as usual when you log on through your e- mail program, which you can do directly from MailWasher.

I have over 20 email addresses, so you can imaginerepparttar 132755 flood of spam that poured in my mailbox every day. Now I run them all through Mailwasher first, and it has made a huge difference.

To further reduce spam, Mailwasher has another trick that your regular email program doesn't. It learns. There are all kinds of settings, filters, sorts and alerts. The more you use it,repparttar 132756 more it learns what you do and don't want to see. It does lots of stuff that I haven't even tried yet. But for what I need - quick and dirty spam elimination - it does great.

Best of all, it's free to try. If you like it,repparttar 132757 author asks that you pay him whatever you think is fair. How much you pay him is up to you, butrepparttar 132758 funds go to future development ofrepparttar 132759 product. Considering how useful this program is, I think that's a very worthy cause.

#2: Email Encoding

Once you've got Mailwasher going, you're on your way to getting offrepparttar 132760 spam lists. To stay off, don't skip this second step!

One ofrepparttar 132761 ways that spammers get your email address is through harvesting programs that crawlrepparttar 132762 net snatching email addresses off of websites, message boards, newsgroups. Anywhere they can find something that looks like an email address, they grab it. Andrepparttar 132763 way that they know it's an email address is by looking for 'mailto' orrepparttar 132764 '@' symbol.

There are programs available - also free - that will encode your email address for you. This converts your ASCII email address into its equivalent decimal entity. For example,repparttar 132765 letter "a" equates to: "a" (withoutrepparttar 132766 quotes),repparttar 132767 letter "b" equates to: "b", and so forth.

How to get rid of spammers

Written by G.SMALL

What do spammers want from you? You have submitted your site to several ffa pages withrepparttar intention of increasing traffic to your web site and you have invited a swarm of spammers to your email address. What can you do to avoid them from spamming you inrepparttar 132747 future? All spammers need from you is your email they do not wish to come and visit your site to purchase anything which you sell at your site their intention is to sell you products or services, beating them is quite simple - just go to

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