King + Queen = Royal Success

Written by Shawn Campbell

Ever wonder how or why your competitor gets better search engine rankings than you do? Does he know something you don't? Well, maybe he actually does…And that's where I come in. I'm here to unveilrepparttar secret tricks ofrepparttar 127846 trade that may be giving your competitor that much-needed edge in search engine rankings and to show you how you can reclaim your position without skipping a beat. Quite simply, I am going to give yourepparttar 127847 key to unlockingrepparttar 127848 secret chest of information that your competition is using to get better rankings.

It is not that difficult. There are two main criteria to getting good rankings:

1. Content (which is king) 2. Linking (which is queen)

Content is King

Content is easily viewable and just as easy to measure. It basically includes what you see onrepparttar 127849 site:repparttar 127850 text. If your competition has more text than you, consider increasing yours; if he has more keywords, consider increasing yours; if he has bigger headers, consider increasing yours. By all means, I am not saying to make a carbon copy of his site, but do look atrepparttar 127851 "onrepparttar 127852 site" factors that you are lacking and evaluate whether to increase them on your site. A note of caution - make sure that any changes you make actually improvesrepparttar 127853 site and increases its value for your customers. In other words, don't sacrifice quality for quantity unless you believe thatrepparttar 127854 added text actually serves to betterrepparttar 127855 overall look, feel and quality of your site.

Some ideas to increase quality/quantity of content:

•Write a monthly article about your topic •Write a page about your keyphrase/product/service •If your headers don't have your keyphrase in them, then be sure to add it •Make surerepparttar 127856 titles on all your pages relate torepparttar 127857 content ofrepparttar 127858 page •Write, write, write (and then write some more!).

Google, and the History of Link Building.

Written by Jer Strausser

I can't begin to tell you how sick I am of reading articles and posts that mentionrepparttar two words "Google" and "penalty" inrepparttar 127845 same sentence!

So many webmasters are walking on eggshells these days when it comes to Google, and it just doesn't need be.

The most common question I see is "If I do this, will Google penalize me?"

Let me help you ease this nonsense.

Just like anything in life, there is a portion of common sense that needs to be implemented when optimising a website forrepparttar 127846 internet. When you come across a technique that you may be questioning inrepparttar 127847 back of your mind, just think it thru.

You may want to sit down for this one. It may blow you away ;0).

The fact ofrepparttar 127848 matter is, Google rarely penalizes webmasters for anything. Yep, that's heard me...RARELY!

Why is this, you may ask?

Well, it's quite simple. Google didn't become #1 in search because they wererepparttar 127849 best at penalizingrepparttar 127850 most sites. They became #1 because they have an excellent way of solving problems. You see, when you hear webmasters complaining that they were penalized, well in most cases, it's just not so.

Google knowsrepparttar 127851 tricks ofrepparttar 127852 trade, and to maintain their title as 'The king of search', they need to be constantly studying different techniques webmasters are using to try to get better search engine rankings.

Google has masteredrepparttar 127853 term 'devalue', because that is what they actually do.

Remember back inrepparttar 127854 day, when all links were created equal? That's because back then, most people linked to your site because it had good content that they thought their users would be interested in, sorepparttar 127855 links were themed, and they didn't require a link back to them. That is why a lot ofrepparttar 127856 older sites onrepparttar 127857 net have high rankings. They have many one-way links pointing in.

People caught on.

Then you had webmasters scurrying to get any link they could get their hands on, to point to their site. Didn't matter to them ifrepparttar 127858 links made sense. There were links from gambling, adult, and free games sites, all pointing to an education site. It didn't make sense, so...

Google caught on.

Google found ways to figure out if these links were relative. Those that were not, were 'DEVALUED', not 'PENALIZED'.

People caught on.

Webmasters were also getting smarter. Next camerepparttar 127859 'reciprocal links'.

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