Killer Secrets on Developing Your Own Web Portal

Written by Brian Su

As hundreds of dotcom companies ended up shutting down, more net entrepreneurs are also looking for new opportunities. In this short article, Iíll share my personal experience and knowledge with you on how to minimize your risk in order to build a successful and profitable Internet portal onrepparttar World Wide Web.

1. First of all, determine your area of interest and a niche market that has potentials. Choose an area that would utilize your existing resources, knowledge and expertise.

2. Research and study scope of your market. If you serve both domestic and international markets, your will have a stronger chance for survive. If you only serve domestic, find out what services would make your business more competitive.

3. Clarifyrepparttar 117857 scope of your business and ask questions before opening your checkbook. Do you have efficient resources available to build a B2B or B2C portal fromrepparttar 117858 scratch? Do you need to leverage current website, customers and sales staff to produce additional revenue? Do you want to do all IT functions in house or should you out source? Do you have a sufficient revenue-generating model? If you are running a one-person operation, do you have enough time and technical skills?

4. Identify your clientele and need to come up with some unique ways to attract your customers and keep them coming back. Remember, content is king!

5. You are running a portal for profits. Identify and develop some solid revenue models. Inrepparttar 117859 past, it has been proven that banner advertising model and transaction model may not be as effective as expected.

6. Identify effective marketing and partnership strategy in order to establish a strong Internet presence. Much failure of startups occurred due to lack of step-by-step strategy and long term plan on growing business. Much just hope someone will buy out their site and make money quick. So how to differentiate your portal from others is your vital task from day one. There are hundreds of portals onrepparttar 117860 B2B and B2C fields. It is very critical to think about what makes your portal stand out from others in this competitive market.

I Have Lots of Ideas, But No Idea!

Written by Terri Seymour

First of all I would like to explainrepparttar title a bit. I have talked with some people who would like to start an online business and have all these ideas rolling around in their head, but have no idea what to do with them. They have many interests, but really do not know how to organize these interests into a business.

I try to help people with this task by letting them know what steps to take to turn their interests into an online business.

One ofrepparttar 117856 first things you should do is write down all ofrepparttar 117857 things you are interested in:

flea marketing writing movies people antiques

The next thing you could do is write down exactly what you want to accomplish with your business:

earn a good living publish an ezine help people build a website

Now you want to kind of put these lists together and make a plan on how you can accomplish your goals with your interests. Your business could be a collectibles and antiques business. You could publish an ezine on antiques, how to buy them, where to get them, what to look for at flea markets and so on. Write informative, interesting articles on these subjects to put in your antique ezine. You could also include movie memorabilia and collectibles. By selling some of your products on Ebay, you could make a good income. On your site, you could also have a section where you help other people get started in similar businesses. The possibilities are endless! The more you organize your thoughts,repparttar 117858 more ideas you will get.

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