Kid's Movie Party Theme

Written by Mike Dougherty

Kidís Movie Party Theme

Lights! Camera! Action!

Now with our exclusive movie party theme, your birthday child can star in their own movie!

That's right, with fun kid birthday parties one-of-a-kind movie making adventure, you can turn your child's birthday party into a movie making party they'll never forget. Imagine how excited your birthday child will be when they get to tell all their party guests that everyone is going to be in a movie... Wow! This is going to be super fun.

"The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" is an original 3 minute mini-movie script exclusively from Fun Kid Birthday Parties and it's yours absolutely FREE.

And when you order your free movie script we'll even send you our easy to follow tips on how to put together this super fun one-of-a-kind movie party theme that everyone will love... And you'll have a great time too!

Movie Party Theme

Everyone has dreamed of starring in a movie... And now your birthday child can star in "The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" a fun 3 minute movie production.

Movie Party Invitations

Make your invitations into a "Movie Star Contract." You might write something like this:

Movie Star Contract

"You're so talented and glamorous that (your family name) Productions would like for you to sign this fun contract to appear in our latest blockbuster movie production titled "The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt."

We're celebrating (first and last name of birthday child)'s birthday on (day and date ofrepparttar party) at our (your family name) Productions movie studios from (start time and end time of your party).

(First and last name of birthday child) will be starring in our movie adventure and wants you to be one ofrepparttar 143834 movie's co-stars.

"The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" will be filmed on location in and around our movie studio.

Our movie party theme will include time for autographs, movie games and activities, movie screenings and our studio commissary will be providing delicious movie production treats for our entire cast.

Please sign this Movie Star Contract and call your agent (name of agent to ask for) at (telephone number) to RSVP for your movie star roll in our original movie production."

The (family name) Productions movie studio is located at (address).

Come dressed as your favorite movie character. (or you can have everyone show up in whatever costume you'd like, western, The Incredibles, Princess, fashion, or whatever theme you want).

Every Baby Shower Needs Great Baby Shower Games!

Written by Randy Wilson

Games for a baby shower helprepparttar baby shower hostess make sure that all guests feel at ease.

In most cases, onlyrepparttar 143833 mother-to-be knows allrepparttar 143834 invited guests, sorepparttar 143835 introductions as well as conversation starters arerepparttar 143836 responsibility ofrepparttar 143837 hostess.

Babyshower games are a popular way to breakrepparttar 143838 ice and give people a reason to mingle and talk to others, especiallyrepparttar 143839 people they donít know.

When games for a babyshower are introduced and managed well they makerepparttar 143840 guests want to stay longer. They also giverepparttar 143841 expectant mother a little stress-free fun and enjoyment Ė which is something she really needs at this stage of her pregnancy.

As a hostess you should be creative withrepparttar 143842 baby shower party games and select games that are age appropriate. More than likely your attendees have been to many other baby showers and they will find it a little boring, ifrepparttar 143843 same old babyshower party games are played.

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