Kick-Off Your Traffic Virus!

Written by Codrut Turcanu

Have you noticed lately how savvy webmasters are using simple, content-rich articles to pull-in more targeted *traffic* to their Web Site audience without spending a dime on promotion or advertising?

It's a fact: content is KING onrepparttar Internet. Heavy traffic Web Sites and BIG Newsletter directories are onrepparttar 142836 lookout for FRESH, original content inrepparttar 142837 form of articles, interviews, news and reviews.

People need information desperately. They are eager to read something NEW and interesting that captures their attention. We live inrepparttar 142838 information age, and information sells, both in print or online.

Believe it or not, writing & publishing articles onrepparttar 142839 Web IS one ofrepparttar 142840 BEST marketing strategies one can use to create an instant avalanche of 'FREE' quality *traffic* to their Web Site.

Here comesrepparttar 142841 most exciting part ...repparttar 142842 type of *traffic* that you receive by publishing articles onrepparttar 142843 Internet converts far better than any other 'PAID' tactic you ever heard of (e.g. PPC, Classifieds, FFA links, Banners, Safe Lists, etc.)

Astonishing, isn't it?

And that doesn't take into accountrepparttar 142844 fact that, once your article IS published online, it spreeds like wild-fire, regardlessrepparttar 142845 product, service, or information you promote / *sell* in your resource box -repparttar 142846 signature line atrepparttar 142847 bottom of your article.

But there is just one small catch...

Your article should be informative, well-written, with no poor grammar, typos or errors. More than that, you should follow a set of guidelines before publishing it, otherwise most webmasters and Newsletter list owners won't accept your content, regardless its quality.

Automatic Lead Generation

Written by Ratliff J

Have you been looking forrepparttar right tool to automate sales leads?

You have found it right here.

When it comes to writing your autoresponder for your web site, if you're like most non-professional writers, you don't know where to begin. A well-written autoresponder contains 6 key factors:

Honesty - factual information regarding your products and services. Intriguing - sorepparttar 141696 reader actually readsrepparttar 141697 email before clickingrepparttar 141698 delete button

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