Khmer Rouge Prison 21 – The Chilling High School In Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Written by Rick Chapo

Most travel stories are ofrepparttar happy-go-lucky variety. Every once in a while, however, one visits a place that evidencesrepparttar 141257 vicious, dark side of mankind. Khmer Rouge Prison 21, known as Tuol Seng, is one such place. It is a stark reminder ofrepparttar 141258 cruelties humanity can visit upon itself.

Tuol Sleng

In 1962,repparttar 141259 high school of Ponhea Yat was opened inrepparttar 141260 center of Phnom Pehn. The school consists of three buildings in a horseshoe layout with each building having three stories. Inrepparttar 141261 1970s,repparttar 141262 name was changed to Tuol Svay Prey High School. In May of 1976,repparttar 141263 school becamerepparttar 141264 headquarters ofrepparttar 141265 Khmer Rouge genocide campaign in Cambodia.

The infamous Khmer Rouge wasrepparttar 141266 ruling party of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, with fighting going on for many more years. Led by Pol Pot, also known as Brother Number One,repparttar 141267 party is estimated to have killed as much as 1/3rd ofrepparttar 141268 population of Cambodia through murder and starvation. The Khmer Rouge has justly been compared to Hitler for its brutal genocidal actions. Tuol Sleng representsrepparttar 141269 most brutal example.

Tuol Sleng covers roughly a city block, but is tucked back among alleys in Phnom Pehn. Duringrepparttar 141270 Khmer’s rule, two folds of iron sheets encased in electrified barbwire to prevent escape enclosed it. Prisoners were chained to walls and tortured on a daily basis until they admitted crimes againstrepparttar 141271 state. The prisoners were required to follow ten regulations. A shocking sampling include:

1. Do not try to hide facts by making excuses. You are strictly prohibited from contesting me.

Travel Shanghai China

Written by John Mckenna

Travel Shanghai China, An amazing city.

I live, work, play in Shanghai, China’s largest city, largest port; a city of 16 million people, (many millions more during holidays and festivals), a city wanting to berepparttar biggest, best and most important inrepparttar 141137 world.

If you had been able to Travel Shanghai 10 years ago, and returned today, you would see a very, very different city. Shanghai today is a modern, 21st Century city, with tall, new shiny buildings, amazing nightlights, a wonderland.

Findingrepparttar 141138 old sights and sounds ofrepparttar 141139 old city is becoming more difficult asrepparttar 141140 city’s rapid development produces almost instant change, almost everywhere.

Shanghai is a Chinese city of surprises: - a bizarre, and sometimes brutal, colonial history (British, French, American, Italian, Japanese) and dark days exploited as an Opium trade hub. Mix that with ancient Chinese culture and today we have a city urgently trying to leave its colourful past behind and which will soon be compared, in class and elegance, with any major city inrepparttar 141141 world.

When you Travel Shanghai China, you will quickly notice it isrepparttar 141142 power-house of China,repparttar 141143 money-making machine that drivesrepparttar 141144 Chinese economy continually forward.

Shanghai is usually a business destination. However if you are coming for a China vacation, or traveling through onrepparttar 141145 way to somewhere else, Travel Shanghai China has some must-see experiences and is a good way to introduce yourself torepparttar 141146 wonders and difficulties of Travel in China.

There is still a lot forrepparttar 141147 visitor to see and do in Shanghai. Bars, Clubs, Business,repparttar 141148 incredible skyline of beautiful tall buildings as far as you can see. The 21st century architecture. However,repparttar 141149 truth be told, when you Travel Shanghai China,repparttar 141150 city itself does not have a lot of cultural feel about it. Shanghai isrepparttar 141151 financial center of China.

I could talk all day about what great fun it is to live here; it’s a lively vibrant place that moves at an extraordinarily fast pace.

I will cover some ofrepparttar 141152 highlights but you need to see and feelrepparttar 141153 place personally to fully appreciate it.

Some Shanghai Highlights

• The beautiful colonial-style buildings alongrepparttar 141154 river; an area calledrepparttar 141155 “Bund” where these remarkable buildings from old European days are marvelously lit up at night, and have been beautifully restored;repparttar 141156 contrast betweenrepparttar 141157 Old andrepparttar 141158 New is quite a sight.

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