Keywords and SEO. The facts.

Written by Joe Balestrino

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential forrepparttar success of almost every website. The majority of traffic to websites is brought in by search engines. Keywords are an important part of SEO. Unfortunately, many website owners overdo it. Keywords are one ofrepparttar 144242 most important tools in ranking high on search engines. Abuse them and you will sufferrepparttar 144243 consequences.

Many novices read about places to add keywords, such as ALT tags, anchors and other areas. While these are meant to be used if you want to help boost your keywords, they should be relevant torepparttar 144244 image orrepparttar 144245 place where you are linking. Many people try to stuff keywords into every possible place. There is no benefit whatsoever in doing this.

As a general rule, I would say you can optimize one page with 3 keywords or phrases. I would recommend starting with one or two. Depending on who you talk to, your percentage of keywords in your text should be between three and five percent ofrepparttar 144246 total content onrepparttar 144247 site. I have seen site tops with percentages as high as ten. There are some free online tools that can tell yourepparttar 144248 percentage of each word on your site. This one is This tool will also show under which of those words your site comes up on.

Why Is Directory Submission So Important?

Written by Wil Rushmer

Submitting your site to a directory means it "usually" is reviewed by a human for relevance and quality then categorized based onrepparttar sites content. One ofrepparttar 144186 benefits from a users point of view is that because of this human intervention, they will almost certainly receive relevant listings to there search query. Your benefit as a Webmaster is forrepparttar 144187 same reason, when someone clicks through from a directory to your site you can be certain (if categorized properly inrepparttar 144188 database) that your site contains information that person is looking for.

A few directories to look for submission include:

Yahoo! - Yahoo! charges a fee of $299 for commercial sites to beginrepparttar 144189 evaluation process. This in no way guarantees that your site would be listed in their directory. Yahoo! Directories can be an important source of qualified traffic if listed properly as they do hold one ofrepparttar 144190 most popular directories you could ever be listed in.

Open Directory Project - Another extremely popular directory. There is no fee to submit your site to dmoz however it can take several months to get listed. Make sure you review their policies on submitting before attempting to submit. Dmoz editors are very thorough and go through thousands of submissions on a monthly basis. Getting listed inrepparttar 144191 Open Directory Project will certainly get you listed in Google.

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