"Keywords and Content - A Mature Site"

Written by Karl Augustine

Some ofrepparttar most effective targeted traffic comes from effective keyword research and quality content around those keywords. As you know, search engines love content and they especially love content that is delivered from a targeted keyword or keyword phrase.

While it is true that writing articles is time consuming,repparttar 127854 value for an online business can be extremely high.

I've been fortunate enough to reap strong benefits from posting articles to web sites including my own, and leveragingrepparttar 127855 right keyword phrases to deliverrepparttar 127856 content.

As you dorepparttar 127857 same (or post other people's articles) andrepparttar 127858 search engines index your pages, you'll see more and more traffic coming to your site via that content.

And, as your pages "settle in" to their positions inrepparttar 127859 search engines results pages, your site will be 'maturing', and that concept can be worth lots of money to you.

As your site matures, you'll most likely 'cement' your pages inrepparttar 127860 search engine results pages as long as you have your articles posted onrepparttar 127861 deeper sites and optimize your articles. One big drawback to posting other people's articles is that you can't optimize them.

Nuthin' New Except Search Terms

Written by Stephan Miller

Is there such a thing as brand new search term? Something that has never been typed into a search engine box before. Yes, I know. I didn't think it was possible. The whole "nuthin new underrepparttar sun" thing. But it is. If fact I have seen stats on it, but can't remember where right now. It's not important. Somewhere inrepparttar 127853 range of 40% ofrepparttar 127854 keyword phrases typed into a search engine's box have never been used before. Now that's a search engine statistic that will get you thinking.

It will get you thinking that going to Overture an typing in a generic keyword like "reciprocal links" and then optimizing your page forrepparttar 127855 results will get you nowhere. Well at least it will get you a shot at 60% ofrepparttar 127856 search engine traffic. The 60% percent that everyone else is competing for. But what about that 40%? The 40% that you have no competition for because no one is optimizing their site for them. The 40% that arerepparttar 127857 real search engine users. The 40% that are ready to spend, if only they could find what they are looking for.

I realizedrepparttar 127858 importance of this 40% this weekend when I was searching for a simple script that could countrepparttar 127859 words and phrases on a page and returnrepparttar 127860 amount of one, two, and three word combinations on that page. A simple script that I did not haverepparttar 127861 time to write.

But in order to find this script, I had to push my way past a bunch of black hat seo pages to get to anything close to what I was looking for. Byrepparttar 127862 time I had found what I was looking for, I had about seven search terms inrepparttar 127863 Google search box and a few quotation marks just to narrow my search down to what I was actually searching for. Now that was a new search term. But only one ofrepparttar 127864 types you may run into.

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