Keywords Finalization Methodology

Written by Vikas Malhotra

To arrive atrepparttar set of keywords that:

Describe business correctly (are relevant) Attract traffic (are popular & are searched for) Have less competition (are relatively un-optimized for )


Step I: Lets start by saying thatrepparttar 127762 forrepparttar 127763 keyword finalization of a web siterepparttar 127764 first step is to devicerepparttar 127765 theme ofrepparttar 127766 web site. The keywords then should be generated which are in sync withrepparttar 127767 themeing structure ofrepparttar 127768 site. The home pages &repparttar 127769 other higher level pages should target more general(main theme)keywords. The deeper pages (embedded in subdirectories or sub domains) should target more specific & qualified keywords.

Oncerepparttar 127770 sites themes & sub-themes are done, lets start by looking forrepparttar 127771 keywords


The finalization ofrepparttar 127772 keywords for any given site can be done inrepparttar 127773 following way:

Generation ofrepparttar 127774 seed keywords forrepparttar 127775 site (theme keywords).

Expansion ofrepparttar 127776 seed keywords into key-phrases by adding qualifiers (sub theme keywords)

Generating a larger set of keywords by word play onrepparttar 127777 key-phrases generated in step II.(sub theme targeting)

Lets take them one by one:

SEED Keywords/Primary keywords:

The seed keywords can be generated by either ofrepparttar 127778 ways mentioned below:

The client providesrepparttar 127779 terms he feels are relevant to his business.

The SEO firm generatesrepparttar 127780 seed words by understandingrepparttar 127781 business domain &repparttar 127782 business model ofrepparttar 127783 client.

Some outside domain consultant provides them.

Another way of generating seed keywords is to look forrepparttar 127784 meta tags ofrepparttar 127785 competition web sites.

WARNING: do not place any unnecessary emphasis on these tags. Use them just to generate you seed keywords list.

Keywords usage in the Meta Tags

Written by Vikas Malhotra

Oncerepparttar sites keywords have been finalized it is now time to start using them to optimizerepparttar 127761 site.The first & most obvious place to start using them isrepparttar 127762 meta tags ofrepparttar 127763 site.

There are three metatags that we can start to use them with.




Lets look at them one by one:


The Meta Description text is used to display a short description ofrepparttar 127764 web page which is listed inrepparttar 127765 search result by search engines. The Meta Description text should be attractive and meaningful so that it could give exact information about site services. It is very important from keywords inclusion angle as well forrepparttar 127766 SE tend to index it first & perform a keyword matching with it. Also bear in mind that this text is displayed along withrepparttar 127767 site title inrepparttar 127768 SERPs. Hence it isrepparttar 127769 first introduction that visitors will read about you.



Without Meta Keywords tag we can get top ranking as Meta Keywords tag is less important, as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Still, it won't hurt to include it. Meta keyword tag is used to include allrepparttar 127770 keywords for which you would like search engines to rank your site. Meta keyword tag is not supported by all search engines now as it has been flagrantly spammed. Keyword meta tag contains keywords and key phrases separated by comma's that users may search. Keyword must not be repeated inrepparttar 127771 Meta Keywords tag more than three times(rule of thumb) and one must not repeat any keyword one afterrepparttar 127772 other.

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