Keyword killer Tips

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Though there may be more than a thousand ways to generate traffic to your website, keywords are extremely critical to blasting your website intorepparttar limelight. Stats prove that almost 90% of targeted ready to buy traffic comes through search engines. So here are a few more killer tips that will have a dramatic impact on your e-business:

1. Optimize each of your pages for a different keyword.

2. Prepare your page for submission torepparttar 128358 popular search engines such as Alta Vista, InfoSeek, excite etc. as follows:

Go torepparttar 128359 respective search engine and make a search for your targeted keyword selected throughrepparttar 128360 procedure described in section `About Keywords..`

For each ofrepparttar 128361 top ten sites that come up dorepparttar 128362 following:

-Click `View` on your browser.

-Select `Source`.

Search Engine Optimized Site Maps

Written by Dan Thies

If you want visitors (and search engines) to be able to find your whole site,repparttar easiest way to do this is with a site map. The more content you have on your site,repparttar 128357 more helpful this is, both for visitors and for search engines.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks miss out on a big opportunity when creating their site maps, which is to ensure that their site map is contributing as much as possible to their search engine positioning.

Here are a few simple tips for optimizing your site map:

1. If you optimize each page on your site for a particular keyword or search term, you should use those keywords inrepparttar 128358 links you set up for each page, includingrepparttar 128359 link you put on your site map.

2. If your site covers certain distinct subjects, make sure you includerepparttar 128360 primary search terms for these subjects as headings on your site map page. I like to use H2 tags for each subject area, aboverepparttar 128361 links for that subject.

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