Keys treadmills features

Written by Tim Gorman

Keys treadmills have managed to build an impressive product range inrepparttar short time that they have been available onrepparttar 144884 market. They boast some impressive features howeverrepparttar 144885 remarkable thing about keys treadmills isrepparttar 144886 excellent warranties that they have to offer. For a treadmill inrepparttar 144887 mid price range, keys treadmills arerepparttar 144888 only brand to offer this level of service with their warranties, and few other products can compete.

The other excellent point that keys treadmills have over their competitors is their huge product range, which guarantees that all ofrepparttar 144889 different customers needs will be met. In total keys treadmills produce seven different series, with each series consisting of up to six different treadmills within that range. Each series is targeted at a different market and each ofrepparttar 144890 keys treadmills series stand alone as a brand of individuality. This is an amazing amount of selection from one manufacturer, and keys treadmills certainly haverepparttar 144891 top marks for an encompassing product range that will be able to offer something for every type of customer.

Landice Treadmill Review

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

If you're looking to buy a high end home treadmill (or a commercial grade treadmill) chances are you've heardrepparttar name 'Landice' thrown about quite a bit.

That may leave you wondering 'Should I invest in a Landice treadmill?' Here's a quick review of Landice treadmills to help you decide.

Landice has been in business for over 35 years. What sets them apart is that they specialize in making only treadmills. (not treadmills and ellipticals and exercise bikes and home gyms...)

They've placed over 50,000 treadmills inrepparttar 144841 health club or gym environment. Because of this, Landice treadmills are generally viewed as commercial treadmills.

However Landice makes both commercial and high end home treadmills.

Their LTD series is built for home use whereas their Club series is constructed for very heavy use in club/gym environments.

(This is an important distinction since Landice offers bothrepparttar 144842 Landice L7 LTD Pro Sports Trainer AND an L7 CLUB Pro Sports Trainer with several differences.)

While not everybody can afford a Landice treadmill for their home (prices start around $3000), this is one treadmill where you definitely get what you pay for.

Landice Treadmills offer:

>> Large walking/running areas withrepparttar 144843 motor power (3 HP) to back it up. (If you have too much belt and not enough motor power, you can quickly burn out your motor.)

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