Keys To Success -- #1 Commitment

Written by Joe Bingham

The world we live in is based on commitments. Businesses sign contracts, banks sign us to loan agreements, couples agree to terms of a marriage, and even our children are taughtrepparttar ideals of keeping commitments by having assignments due on certain days at school. Why then, do so many view network or internet marketing businesses as quick in and out ventures with no thought toward actually committing to them? The best online ventures are ones that do keep commitments and expectrepparttar 117721 same out of their members. Whether people realize it or not, a lot of business is built solely on repparttar 117722 basis of reputation, or atrepparttar 117723 very least name recognition. Can you ever expect to get any kind of name recognition or to build a solid business or personal reputation without a commitment to your business? It's unlikely. Even those who simply work affiliate programs are still bound by this principle. No, they may not have their own business name or reputation, instead they are affiliated with another who does. Buildingrepparttar 117724 kind of online presence that it takes to be truly successful does not happen instantly. It takes time to build. Some have come quickly to success, true, but as you'll always notice, they came online with prior expertise and/or skills inrepparttar 117725 area their business deals with. In working online, expect to be committed to your business if you want to succeed. Dropping in and out of programs may net you some profits if you hit them right, but there's no chance atrepparttar 117726 ultimate goal of true lifetime residual income this way. Expect to make a financial commitment. While Internet marketing and network marketing in general requires very little investment when compared to traditional self-employment, there still will be some finances you must put at stake in your business. The key lies in

Make it Better!

Written by Dave Balch

Whatever you make, sell, or do, you can undoubtedly make, sell, or do it even better than you already do.

There, I said it.

It's nothing personal. I'm sure that you already do a great job, but there is always room for improvement; there are examples all around us. And I am absolutely certain that you can find something, however small, that will make what you do just a little better.

How can I be so sure? I'll tell you.

Someone improved a pad of paper.

I'm not kidding... a pad of paper! It was one of those "cubes" with a design printed onrepparttar sides (which, in itself, is an improvement over a regular pad of paper). But they went one step further and drilled a hole in one corner for a pen or pencil. Ingenious. Simple. Useful. Amazing.

I challenge you to start right away! Don't be intimidated; your improvements don't have to be quantum leaps in technology. Little things add up. For example, it is my goal to improve my website every day. It doesn't have to be anything huge, but I try to tweak it every day. Sometimesrepparttar 117720 changes are big (a new page or feature), sometimesrepparttar 117721 changes are small (fixing a typo or changingrepparttar 117722 color or size of a word). But they all add up andrepparttar 117723 website is lookin' pretty good, if I say so myself!

Just examine how others have improved their products. We all know and love sticky notes: look atrepparttar 117724 simple improvements they came up with for a basically simple product. Colors, for example. Yellow, blue, green, white. Then came various sizes (in various colors, of course). Now they have different shapes for different purposes, which come in various sizes and colors. For example, you can buy long, skinny sticky-notes to use as place markers in books or magazines. A simple idea with a number of simple improvements.

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