Keeping used motorcycle parts as good as new

Written by Granny's Mettle

Even with regular maintenance and upkeep, our motorcycles tend to get used and subjected to different elements inrepparttar environment. To keep used motorcycle parts as good asrepparttar 102706 day when we first bought them, regular washing and rinsing will dorepparttar 102707 trick.

But you should take note how you do your washing. You might scratch parts of your motorcycle.

Top Rule: Avoid scratches.

Scratches arerepparttar 102708 biggest enemy of any bike's finish. The secret of keeping your used motorcycle parts as good as new is to avoid scratches in your motorcycle. Dirt and grime when rubbed in while washing or drying, act as sandpaper and will definitely dullrepparttar 102709 brilliance of your bike's paint.

To avoid scratching your bike, first, you need to remember that anything that comes in contact with your motorcycle's finish should be made of soft material. Take care that no harsh or rough surfaces will be able to connect with any part of your motorcycle. Zippers arerepparttar 102710 worst offenders.

Use only clean, freshly washed cotton cloths or towels to dry your bike after washing. When you need to put on any application to make your bike shine, again userepparttar 102711 clean cotton cloths and towels. Rinse thoroughlyrepparttar 102712 sponges or wash mitts, as well asrepparttar 102713 bucket, before and after washing your bike to remove any dirt or grime.

One ofrepparttar 102714 best advice I got from a used motorcycle parts site was to separate my bike's areas into normal and rough areas when washing. I usually considerrepparttar 102715 painted surfaces as normal areas, whilerepparttar 102716 tires, engine, and inner fenders arerepparttar 102717 rough areas. I use different wash mitts and sponges for each area to keep dirt and grime away fromrepparttar 102718 sensitive areas. This way, scratching would be avoided.

Proper installation of used motorcycle cables

Written by Granny's Mettle

Part and parcel of owning a bike is maintaining its appearance and its capability. Nevertheless, despite making sure thatrepparttar parts and cables ofrepparttar 102705 motorcycle give us maximum service, we cannot but accept that they have their own warranties and lifetimes.

Unlike artwork or antiques, motorcycles are made to be used and abused. With allrepparttar 102706 elements found inrepparttar 102707 environment, motorcycle parts will definitely have its final day. When that day comes and you don't have enough money to buy new ones, why not settle for used motorcycle parts, e.g. cables? With a few tinkering and proper installation, they might just provide yourepparttar 102708 service you need in many years to come.

Here are some suggestions for proper installation of used motorcycle parts and cables:

Tip #1: Inspect and make sure you haverepparttar 102709 correct cable. This isrepparttar 102710 very first step in gettingrepparttar 102711 best used cable you need. Inspectrepparttar 102712 used cable for any major wear and tear. Remember that these are used cables so it will definitely have a few scratches; but it must not be too great that using it for just a few days will result in a total bust. After you have checked thoroughly, make sure you haverepparttar 102713 correct part forrepparttar 102714 application, e.g. correct cable ends, proper size casing ferrules, correct size, shape and thread size of adjusters/elbows, etc.

Tip #2: Make sure all adjusters are in "closed" position.

Tip #3: Use a direct route forrepparttar 102715 cables. Route your used cables from control to actuator inrepparttar 102716 most direct way possible. Keep cables away from hot surfaces and avoid sharp bends, as well as "kinks" inrepparttar 102717 housing or inner cable.

Tip #4: Adjust throttle/idle cables. These should be adjustedrepparttar 102718 carb/s will return to full close when off. Adjust any excessive freeplay and be sure throttle action is smooth and free from open to full close before startingrepparttar 102719 engine. Also make sure thatrepparttar 102720 used cables do not bind together or hang up when there is full lock-to-lock movement of bars.

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