Keeping it clean could give you a boost.

Written by mark white

Keeping it clean could give you a boost. By Mark White

Everyone is striving to be atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 131707 pile, we all want to get a better google PR and want this to reflect in more visitors to our site. But after we have followed allrepparttar 131708 advice about keyword placement and alt tags is there anything else we can do?

I recently asked Tinu Abayomi-Paulrepparttar 131709 well respected google expert from if having tidy html coding helped. She told me that although there is no absolute proof that it helped she had noticed that siteís with good xhtml code often seemed to get a higher ranking . It is my belief that whenrepparttar 131710 spiders visit they prefer a clean house.

So how do you know if your pages are up to scratch and up to search engine standards? There are a couple of sites that you can visit and get your pages spring cleaned for free so itís worth a visit.

The first site is site valet and this is in my humble opinionrepparttar 131711 most useful as they use an online version of html tidy ,repparttar 131712 program was originated by Dave Raggett and now at Source forge and it offers to tidy your pages straight off your hard drive, did I mentionrepparttar 131713 word free, yes this valuable resource is free. The big bonus for me is that if Tinu is correct then this site can convert from html to xhtml, what a bonus it could be to raise my google PR atrepparttar 131714 same time as making my code better. The online report gives you a not to complicated list of warnings about missing tags, attributes and offers advice about what you could add or change for people with non graphical browsers. The magic is that site valet gives you your page code back in tidy form, just copy and pasterepparttar 131715 code for a spotless site. As well tidyrepparttar 131716 site offersrepparttar 131717 more rigorous but more technical page tidy so if you know exactly what you want and are a techie thenrepparttar 131718 page tidy option is for you.

Popup Killers - Not just killing that Popup but also your Revenue!

Written by Jason Hulott

Withrepparttar increased use of popups on sites - when you enter, when you leave, while you are there - Popup killers (or stoppers) are allrepparttar 131704 rage.

Companies use Popup killers as a marketing tool for frustrated webusers - they killrepparttar 131705 Popup,repparttar 131706 webuser uses their service be it as an ISP or Toolbar.

New ISP Disks, Toolbars, and Browsers all now come with some form of Popup killer. While we all want to stoprepparttar 131707 frustration of having several popups being delivered while surfing aroundrepparttar 131708 web, torepparttar 131709 webmaster a Popup killer can totally kill a site's normal functionality.

** What do I mean?

If I said rename a Popup killer to a Javascript killer,(which is how some Popup killers work), then you will get thegist!

With some SEOs advocating hiding links that they don't want a search engine to spider or to hide affiliate links within Javascript functions, having a user visit your site with a Popup killer enabled could kill more than that annoying Popup.

It could mean that when a user clicks on your apply button or affiliate link, it won't work! The user can click on it as often as they like. It won't work!

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