Keeping Up With...

Written by Cathy Bryant

Keeping Up With... by Cathy Bryant Copyright 2003

...the Jones's? The Smiths? The latest internet "sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, knock-down last, best opportunity?"

Makes you want to pull your hair out, doesn't it?

I'm here to tell you...don't get caught in that trap.

I have yet to learn about anyone who has made any significant long-term income from any of these programs. Perhaps there have been a few alongrepparttar way, but to be successful onrepparttar 117360 internet requires more, much more than simply joining every new highly-touted program that comes along.

It's sad, butrepparttar 117361 reality is that there are a large number of people who are burned byrepparttar 117362 hype and get scared away, believing that it is truly impossible to succeed online.

Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 117363 truth.

Many people just give up and fail to pursue their dreams, but others simply stand up, brush themselves off, and proceed to do what needs to be done in order to be successful.

Look around - there are many examples of ordinary people doing an extraordinary business online. Some of them have advanced degrees; others no more than a high-school education.

Are YOUR Toes Bruised?

Written by Cathy Bryant

Are YOUR Toes Bruised? by Cathy Bryant Copyright 2003

What a question! What's THAT supposed to mean?

I askrepparttar question because so many people today who profess to be interested in operating their own business spend far too much time "tire-kicking."

While I would never underestimaterepparttar 117359 importance of exercising due diligence when investigating any type of business or income opportunity, there comes a time when you simply have to make a decision and act upon it.

Let's face one business is right for everyone. We all have different interests, different abilities, different financial goals. But one thing's for'll never get offrepparttar 117360 ground if you sit on your hands!

Take my own experience, for instance. I started with an idea, a concept. I wanted to help others learn that with a little knowledge and a lot of sweat equity, anyone withrepparttar 117361 desire can earn an income from home.

This is notrepparttar 117362 first business I've operated from home; far from it. My first foray intorepparttar 117363 home-business scene was with a direct sales company called Discovery Toys. At that time it was in its infancy (as a matter of fact, I wasrepparttar 117364 very first representative in my home state of Mississippi). For those of you not familiar with Discovery Toys, it markets educational toys and games through a variety of sales methods. It also provides an opportunity for residual income by building your own sales force. I chose to only do sales, and I did very well with it. Why? Not because I sat around wondering IF it would work; I just did it!

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