Keeping Fit & Healthy Doesn't Have to Be a Chore

Written by Emily Clark

Some people have fought many years of their lives to preserverepparttar rich heritage ofrepparttar 144549 outdoors and nature we now enjoy. That dedication and effort have been rewarded by fantastic hiking opportunities in our local, state, and national parks systems. In honor of their efforts, let's break out of our winter hibernation and venture intorepparttar 144550 crisp, clean outdoor air and hit some of those dirt trails.

Here are 4 steps to an enjoyable hike, no matter where your feet decide to take you.

1. Knowrepparttar 144551 area you will be going into. Although many states, like California, Colorado, or Wyoming have exceptional hiking hot spots, even your local park will have some kind of useful information. Whether it's a website with information and trail details, or a map atrepparttar 144552 park office, trailhead, or visitor center, always check before you head out on your hike so you know what to expect.

2. Knowrepparttar 144553 conditions you will be facing, wherever you go. Nothing is worse than traveling to a hiking destination only to missrepparttar 144554 hike, because it was raining or freezing and you weren't prepared. Ifrepparttar 144555 trail is flooded out, or snowy conditions have shut it down for an extended period, you should be able to find this out as well. It is also good to know if there are any plants or animals to watch out for at your hiking location. Wiping with poison ivy won't feel good inrepparttar 144556 morning.

3. Wear clothing that works and fitsrepparttar 144557 terrain and hike conditions. There are many options in your clothing arsenal, to keep yourself comfortable, here are a couple of pointers: - Try and stay away from cotton. Instead, look for synthetic and natural fibers that pull moisture away from your body, or at least stay warm when wet. - Also, go for layers to keep yourself warm, versus carrying around a huge parka, in case you are hit by a freak snowstorm. - The two most important pieces of clothing for any hiker, are good socks and good shoes. Don't underestimaterepparttar 144558 pain a hike can cause with uncomfortable shoes and socks. Finally, a hat in cold weather is a great addition, since your body loses over half its heat through your head.

Why It's Not a Good Idea to Analyze Your Dreams

Written by Emily Clark

Dreams... What are they? Probablyrepparttar easiest explanation is your subconscious mind thinking and sorting information. Butrepparttar 144548 truth is no-one really knows what causes dreams and why some folk seem to have vivid colorful dreams and others have short uneventful ones.

Dreams mainly occur during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM occurs every one and a half hours throughoutrepparttar 144549 sleep cycle. During REMrepparttar 144550 eyes move from side to side andrepparttar 144551 body is relaxed and almost incapable of movement.

Have you ever declared, "I never dream."? Well you're wrong. The fact is everybody dreams every night. You just may not be able to remember your dreams.

Don't worry too much if this isrepparttar 144552 case. Not remembering dreams doesn't mean you're abnormal in any way. While most people do remember their dreams,repparttar 144553 memory is fleeting and occurs mainly whenrepparttar 144554 sleeper first awakens.

If you really want to remember your dreams,repparttar 144555 best way is to instruct yourself to do this before falling asleep. This programsrepparttar 144556 subconscious mind (where dreams come from) to hold on torepparttar 144557 memory.

When you wake up, try and holdrepparttar 144558 dream in your mind until you have a chance to record it. The easiest way to do this is to have a notebook and pen or a personal voice recorder beside your bed, so you can write downrepparttar 144559 dream before it disappears and gets 'buried' byrepparttar 144560 normal thoughts and concerns of everyday life.

With a bit of practice you'll find little snippets of your dreams beginning to reveal themselves. This procedure will also work well for those who rememberrepparttar 144561 occasional dream or those who want to remember every dream they have.

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