Keeping Below the Radar

Written by William Cate

Keeping Belowrepparttar Radar William Cate [] []

"Once we begin using material products to define ourselves, we are doomed to be on an endless treadmill of dissatisfaction." Erich Fromm - in his book "To Have or To Be", 1979.

Western Civilization is based upon materialism. It's not so important to be wealthy as it is to show everyone that you are rich. Living beyond your income ensures your eventual bankruptcy. It will happen atrepparttar 113497 smallest of reversal of your fortunes. More importantly, history teaches us thatrepparttar 113498 wealthy in every society are usuallyrepparttar 113499 first ones sacrificed when economic and social upheavals become forces for major political change. The European and Asian social dictum to live modestly were abandoned inrepparttar 113500 20th Century. The next political upheaval will sweep away everyone who forgotrepparttar 113501 lessons learned by their ancestors.

Amassing wealth shouldn't be your goal in life. Prestige is overrated. Those who envy you will eventually want to destroy you. Money gives you relative freedom and security. To keep your relative freedom and security, you must avoid conscription, confrontation, confiscation, imprisonment or execution by your own or any other government. Criminals are far more likely to steal fromrepparttar 113502 people who show their wealth than those who live modestly. And those who demonstrate their wealth are never certain they have any friends. The people they like may be attracted only to their money and not their personality.

Living modestly and telling everyone that you are rich defeats your goal of blending into your Society. Keep your financial affairs private. Encourage your family to follow your example.

Avoid personal debt. Sadly, you'll need a couple of credit cards to blend into Society. However, there is no justification for not paying your charges as they come due. In many countries, it's wise to have a mortgage on your house, but try to ensure thatrepparttar 113503 interest rate is below your national inflation rate.

Have more than one passport. Ensure that your immediate family members are included as citizens of your adopted country. It is relatively easy to get a passport, by investment, ancestry or marriage in several countries ofrepparttar 113504 European Union. The same is true of Canada, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand. You can get a second passport from assorted tropical paradises. You'll never know when that second passport may berepparttar 113505 difference between life and death.

Three cheers for the Patriot Act!

Written by Andrew Wroblewski

Three cheers forrepparttar Patriot Act! Copyright 2004 Andrew Wroblewski Spyware Remover

I'm as patriotic asrepparttar 113496 next person, maybe even more so ifrepparttar 113497 next person isrepparttar 113498 cashier at my local convenience store which still doesn't seem to employ REAL Americans; but I digress.

Anyway,repparttar 113499 rules for being a patriotic American were always a little bit fuzzy prior to 9/11, so I thank God (can I still thank Him in America?), that our President and his Attorney General tookrepparttar 113500 time to put it all down in writing.

What's really amazing is that they were able to encapsulate everything that it actually means to be an American patriot, and get it all written down and passed by Congress, only 6 weeks afterrepparttar 113501 World Trade Center was blown all to hell by some decidedly un-Patriotic non-Americans. It took our founding fathers a hell of a lot longer to writerepparttar 113502 Constitution than it took Bush, Ashcroft and Haliburton, I mean Cheney, to "un write" it. But, there I go digressing again.

Since we've become a "sound bite" society, let me save yourepparttar 113503 trouble of reading all 131 pages of "Constitution II,repparttar 113504 Sequel" AKArepparttar 113505 Patriot Act.

Here's what is says in summary:

"There are lots of bad guys inrepparttar 113506 world and we just found out that they existed on September 11, 2001. Some of those bad guys live here inrepparttar 113507 U.S.A. Some of those bad guys might even be YOU. In order to protect "US" from "YOU", we're going to check up on YOU, from time to time, to make sure that YOU aren't doing things that YOU shouldn't be in an attempt to hurt US".

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