Keeping Abreast Of Your Domain ...Updates and Keeping Up With It All

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

Another major complaint that most business owners have is allrepparttar reading they need to do to keep abreast of what is happening in their business area. Again time management and organization can be a tremendous help.

Be sure to put your reading times in your daily schedule. Schedule a half hour inrepparttar 117657 morning to read at least one article in a magazine.

While having lunch, read updates or small bulletins.

Make a folder in your e-mail program and organizerepparttar 117658 articles and newsletters you wish to read and then schedule time specifically to peruse these articles and newsletters inrepparttar 117659 evening and onrepparttar 117660 weekend. You don't need large blocks of time, half hour, forty-five minutes will do.

How To Get Repeat Business

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

A concern for many ofrepparttar participants inrepparttar 117656 survey results was repeat business. One ofrepparttar 117657 best ways to get repeat business is to outline what makes YOU want to do business with someone else again, and apply these same questions to your own business. Ask yourselfrepparttar 117658 following: Were you clear as to what you wanted or needed? Were all your needs meet based on what you toldrepparttar 117659 business you wanted or needed? Were they courteous, friendly? Did you get what you needed in a timely manner? Did they follow-up with you (to see if you were happy with their product or service)? Did you respond to a follow-up?

The kind of questions are going to depend onrepparttar 117660 business or service offered. For example, when we finish a lease purchase deal we send final letters to bothrepparttar 117661 tenant/buyer andrepparttar 117662 seller, and tell them it was a pleasure doing business with them, we wish themrepparttar 117663 best, and we would appreciate a short note if they were happy with our services. We include a self addressed stamped envelope for their convenience, and ask them if they know of anyone that could use our services.

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