Keepad: A novel concept in web research tools.

Written by Saora Inc,

February 14th, 2005, Cupertino, CA - Saora Inc., an information management products and services company, today announcedrepparttar release of Keepad, a web research tool, designed onrepparttar 133367 innovative Kee-Tools concept. Kee-Tools, which are based on Saora’s Keepoint technology, are user-definable web information gathering functions, such as search and customized save procedures, and are accessible with a single click fromrepparttar 133368 Keepad Tools Tray. The new product, along withrepparttar 133369 recently released Keepoint 7 and Keepoint 7 Pro, is expected to meetrepparttar 133370 web information management needs of all internet users, home as well as professional.

Keepad, which marksrepparttar 133371 release ofrepparttar 133372 first derivative of Saora’s Keepoint Product line, is designed onrepparttar 133373 innovative Kee-Tools concept. Kee-Tools are one touch, user definable functions, which facilitaterepparttar 133374 commonly used web information gathering / organizing tasks, from navigating and searching to saving, categorizing and exporting, and are available fromrepparttar 133375 sleek Keepad Tools Tray or fromrepparttar 133376 right click menu option. Keepad enables users to save and manage e-news, e-bills and other online content and even carry or share their select web content on external memory devices. Keepad, similar torepparttar 133377 Keepoint it is based on, also automatically sorts and organizesrepparttar 133378 information, eliminatingrepparttar 133379 concept of filing and folders. Keepad is expected to redefine web research tools, taking us beyondrepparttar 133380 search engines and makingrepparttar 133381 web a truly useful resource that it was envisioned to be.

The Future of Voiceovers: Hold Your Tongue…Possibly Forever

Written by Peter Drew

“Do we need to cast a voice-over talent for this project?”

That’s a valid question any producer might ask when creating an advertisement, corporate audio-video presentation, video game, etc. Of course,repparttar answer depends on what elementsrepparttar 133366 producer and client feel will best communicate withrepparttar 133367 audience. For a radio ad, a fully sung jingle with no voice-over could work best. A TV spot or corporate narration might be most effective using scrolling graphic and text, again without an announcer. But very soon producers could be pondering whether their productions need a voice over talent for a more disturbing reason. Vocal utterances produced by air passing through folds of tissue and formed by lips, teeth, and tongue may, simply put, become obsolete. Yes,repparttar 133368 “virtual voice talent” may very well become a reality.

Welcome torepparttar 133369 Machine

Inrepparttar 133370 May 2004 issue of Mix Magazine, in two separate articles, Stephen St. Croix and Paul D. Lehrman relate their experiences with a new piece of software ominously named “Vocaloid.” This little computer-coded wonder is a speech synthesizer that’s being used to synthesize background vocals on actual recordings that are being sold torepparttar 133371 public—background vocals so good, you’d be hard-pressed to recognize they’re fake singers. Now, consideringrepparttar 133372 dubious singing talents of many of our current pop stars, maybe a Vocaloid virtual diva named Britney isn’t too far-fetched. Audio manipulation, including pitch correction, equalization, compression, reverb, have been used for decades to saverepparttar 133373 bacon of many a pop star’s performance in-studio or on stage. Technically, it’s just a short step from this point to a “singer in a box.”

In fact, inrepparttar 133374 letters section ofrepparttar 133375 July 2004 issue of Mix Magazine a person identified only as “BC,” referring torepparttar 133376 St. Croix and Lehrman articles, boasted that he’s created a “band” called The Bots… “created wholly from speech synthesizers and 3-D graphics.” BC further states, “I use Vocaloid among a variety of other speech synths to make it more into an ensemble. The Bots have released two CDs, a ‘record deal’ with Magnatune, and a second video inrepparttar 133377 works. It’s been a long and painful ordeal, but I’ve finally gotten them torepparttar 133378 point where they seem as real as any other band out there—except no live concerts.”

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