Keep Your Work From Home Newsletter From Being A Spam Filter Casualty

Written by Tim Somers

It’s hard to get your email through to clients, friends and family with allrepparttar Spam Filtering going on these days. If you are a Home Based Business owner that sends out a newsletter regularly you’ll want to keeprepparttar 137208 following tips in mind to make certain your Work At Home Newsletter is getting through allrepparttar 137209 Spam Filters.

Spam is defiantly a problem. At one time I was receiving almost 300 per day, spending a good part an hour sifting throughrepparttar 137210 mass of junk was more than I could tolerate. So I too enlistedrepparttar 137211 help of a Spam Filter – Spam Arrest.

I do worry about losing out on emails that are important and interesting, but this isrepparttar 137212 price we all have to pay for those Spammers that have abused and are abusingrepparttar 137213 Internet.

Most Spam Filters use a Blacklist – these are clusters of email addresses and domain names that are known for sending out a lot of Spam. Recipients of Spam generate most Blacklists’. So your newsletter could fall victim to a click happy Spam identifier that clicks your email intorepparttar 137214 dreaded Blacklist vault.

Spam Assassin, Cloudmark’s SpamNet and Spam Arrest all use different methods of blocking spam. Spam Assassin uses a point system to conclude whether or not an email is Spam. If your Newsletter scores high it will surely be treated as spam and blocked. SpamNet blocks Spam two ways;repparttar 137215 first, filters email based on keywords like “Free”, andrepparttar 137216 second allows users to mark email and submit identified Spam to be blocked to other users of SpamNet.

My personal favorite is Spam Arrest, because it offers you total control over your inbox. You can decide who is allowed to send you email by importing your personal address book, or entering your known and approved contact addresses directly intorepparttar 137217 system.

Emails from unknown senders will receive an auto-reply message containing a "challenge" -- if or whenrepparttar 137218 sender completesrepparttar 137219 challenge (the response), their email is forwarded to your inbox, and they are then added to your authorized sender list.

The challenge is easy for people, but impossible for automated systems (i.e. spambots) to complete.

The Secret to Making More Money in Your Online Business: Lessons From Monopoly

Written by Glen Jansen

Thousands and thousands of people are striving to make more money in their online businesses each day. If you are one ofrepparttar thousands of people, have you ever playedrepparttar 137186 game of monopoly? Have you ever been exposed torepparttar 137187 hidden secret inrepparttar 137188 game that will help you earn more money in your business?

Monopoly is a very simple game once you understand how to win. Most everyone who playsrepparttar 137189 game knows that to win,repparttar 137190 formula is very basic. Buy green houses. Trade 4 green houses for a hotel. Repeat often and you will win. The fun comes with having enough money and luck to buy all those properties, houses and hotels. Another way of looking atrepparttar 137191 formula is to say, 'the game is won by controllingrepparttar 137192 most property'.

Have you ever stopped to think how this could apply to your business? Could you use this secret in someway to increaserepparttar 137193 amount of money you earn? Of course you can, if you make one simple distinction. What isrepparttar 137194 'property' of your business?

An online business lives and dies onrepparttar 137195 internet. The property of an internet business is ... 'WORDS'. That's right, words. In a given industry,repparttar 137196 company who controlsrepparttar 137197 most property wins. Now, its definitely not a game butrepparttar 137198 concept is very workable. The words you control are what distinguishes your company from some other company. The reason this works is becauserepparttar 137199 web is indexed based on words. Most people will find your business because of something they read. So, if you controlrepparttar 137200 best property in your online business, you should getrepparttar 137201 best results.

There are many locations for this online property. The most obvious location is web pages in a search engine. The manner in which you control this property is with content. Substantial, readable, keyword dense content will allow you to controlrepparttar 137202 search engines. This is not a lesson on search engines but givenrepparttar 137203 amount of content based onrepparttar 137204 one word 'SEO' you can begin to understand how popular this idea is.

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