Keep The Publicity Machine Rolling with Reprints

Written by Ned Steele

More than half of America skipsrepparttar Super Bowl,repparttar 144610 nation’s most-watched TV event. So it stands to reason that not all your prospects will see your publicity, even if you’re on 60 Minutes and Oprah. Create a strategy to use your publicity proactively to reach and impress everyone with it. Here’s how…

You’ve worked hard, gotten your story in. You’re a media star. Wait… Job’s not done!

You want everyone in your mailing list – not just those who read today’s paper – to see it. Create a nice-looking reprint and mail, e-mail or fax it to everyone you know. You heard me right, everyone. Customers and prospects aren’t enough.

Write a Letter to the Editor for Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

Ever wonder why papers devote a page or more to letters torepparttar editor? Because subscribers read them!

Letters torepparttar 144582 editor are among a paper’s most popular features, so getting your name underneath a letter can be even more valuable that being quoted in an article.

Letters torepparttar 144583 editor can't just be about anything—they have to be related torepparttar 144584 news. The ones most likely to get published bring a personal perspective to a topic of national or intense local interest. Anytime one of your topics is even vaguely inrepparttar 144585 news, try writing a letter about it.

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