Keep The Cash Flowing

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Summary: Without a steady cash flow, your business dies. Here's how to keeprepparttar 117286 cash flowing when it's not.

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Keep The Cash Flowing

Copyright © 2003 by Angela Booth

Without a steady cash flow, your business dies. This means that you need to be focused on your cash flow situation at all times: you need to know how much cash you have and how much is coming in. If you can see that you're likely to have problems,repparttar 117287 time to take action is --- NOW.

This constant awareness of your finances is especially vital for creatives. Writers, artists and designers are in a unique situation. Not only are we creators, we're also marketers and salespeople. Combining these functions is so difficult that at times it feels as if itís impossible. However, it can be done.

Whether you're starting your own business, or have been in business for a while, here are some ways to keeprepparttar 117288 cash flowing when business is slow ---

=> Start your business with six months' worth of expenses

If you're going fulltime in your own business, you need a cushion. It's best to have at least six months' worth of expense money to keep you going. Then, when you've been in business for a year, always keep at least three months' worth of expense money in your account. Do whatever it takes to get that three months' cushion.

=> No cash? Moonlight until things improve

Business works in cycles. It's always either feast or famine. You either have more work than you can handle, or not enough. If you're going through a famine cycle --- and these can last for several months --- moonlight. There's a reason actors and actresses work as bartenders and taxi drivers. :-)

=> Consider working part-time for someone else

Just because business is slow atrepparttar 117289 moment, it doesnít mean that your business idea is terrible. To easerepparttar 117290 situation, take a part-time job. Although you'll be busier than you'd like to be,repparttar 117291 fact that you have money coming in regularly lets you relax, so that you can enjoy working in your business again.

Learning the Lessons of the Pray-to-Succeed Strategy

Written by Copyright 2003, John Calder

Far too many people start an online business and end up using a pray-to-succeed business strategy.

If my description seems mean, it is not meant to be so. Rather, it is intended to get your attention and put you first onrepparttar road to realization and then onrepparttar 117285 road to real success.

In this article, I will show you examples of pray-to-succeed businesses. Then I will show you what lessons can be learned fromrepparttar 117286 examples.


Inrepparttar 117287 header and footer of this page,repparttar 117288 website author nearly screams his message "Get your own FREE DOMAIN NAME and WEB HOSTING !!!"


Ifrepparttar 117289 owner of this website is offering a free domain name and web hosting, then why is he failing to utilize his own offerings?

Why is this webmaster hosting his site on, taking advantage ofrepparttar 117290 Geocities free web hosting services?

It would have been much more powerful forrepparttar 117291 page to be hosted on a website with its own domain name!

Perhaps this webmaster will eventually earn his 100 points with repparttar 117292 supplier ofrepparttar 117293 free domain name and web hosting, and then repparttar 117294 webmaster will be able to partake ofrepparttar 117295 free offering.


Asrepparttar 117296 first lesson pointed out,repparttar 117297 free domain name and free web hosting were not really free. Grantedrepparttar 117298 offer would not have costrepparttar 117299 webmaster any of his money. But, in order to partake ofrepparttar 117300 "free" offer,repparttar 117301 webmaster had to dig up another twenty people who were willing to acceptrepparttar 117302 same "free" or-not-so-free offer.

If there is a cost to obtain a free item, thenrepparttar 117303 item is not really "free."


How much money is "too much money" to invest in your own success?

In today's world, you can honestly find places to register your domain name and host your website for less than $10 per month. Remember that ten dollars per month is less than 35 cents per day.

Registering a domain name for one year can be done for only $10 per year at:

Hosting a domain can be accomplished for only $9 per month at:

Ten dollars per month might seem like a lot of money when you are on a budget, but it is a small price to pay to give your online business credibility.


Here is a site that looks really good.

Of course, noterepparttar 117304 Geocities address. Despiterepparttar 117305 fact thatrepparttar 117306 content on this site is good,repparttar 117307 design is really attractive, andrepparttar 117308 pages have remained updated regularly for two years, there are still lessons to be learned from this site.

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