Keep Pounding--In Honor of Sam Mills

Written by Ronnie Kimball

On Thursday, April 21, 2005, we buried a true NFL warrior who was an inspiration offrepparttar field and onrepparttar 135294 field.

The man? Sam Mills, #51.

The Monday before, Sam lost a 2 year battle with intestinal cancer. Not only did he leave behind his wife and 4 kids but he left, not 1, but 2 legacies.

1st legacy-- Sam Mills was one ofrepparttar 135295 hardest hitting linebackers inrepparttar 135296 USFL andrepparttar 135297 NFL. But he spent his career proving that his undersized 5-foot-9 frame wasn't going to keep him from being one of pro football's best.

Not only was Mills a 5-time Pro Bowl linbacker but he holdsrepparttar 135298 distiction of beingrepparttar 135299 only player inrepparttar 135300 Carolina Panthers Hall of Fame.

Add to that: A member of bothrepparttar 135301 New Jersey and Louisiana Sports Halls of Fame, as well as, a statue of Mills outsiderepparttar 135302 Bank of America Stadium withrepparttar 135303 inscription "Leader and Gentleman."

**Sam Mills' former coach, Dom Capers**

"Sam Mills was not only one ofrepparttar 135304 finest football players that I have ever been around, but above and beyond that, he was one ofrepparttar 135305 finest individuals."

And,repparttar 135306 2nd legacy of Sam Mills?

Sam, along with fellow Carolina linebacker Mark Fields, who was likewise diagnosed with cancer in 2003, establishedrepparttar 135307 KEEP POUNDING fund.

The campaign raised more than $211,000 for local research at Blumenthal Cancer Center by selling $1 wristbands that bear Mills' slogan "Keep Pounding."

**From a fan and admirer of Sam Mills**

"I am Austin Wright and I am 10 years old. I began selling Keep Pounding bracelets in honor of my friend Jody Rodgers inrepparttar 135308 fall. I sold over 200 bracelets forrepparttar 135309 foundation, and I hope it helps withrepparttar 135310 research. I will continue to sellrepparttar 135311 bracelets inrepparttar 135312 memory of Sam Mills. I hope this will help others. I pray for you everyday."

How To Solve Any Problem In Three Minutes Flat

Written by Rick Miller

Copyright 2005 Rick Miller

Life comes comes with a whole list of problems: How do I keep my spouse or lover happy? How do I meetrepparttar bills? How do I keep healthy and fit with allrepparttar 135203 demands on me?

Well, good news! You can begin to reducerepparttar 135204 negative effects of stress and live a happier, more enjoyable life by using a revolutionary new problem-solving technique.

Can you solve any problem in three minutes? Is it possible?

According to John Harricharan, award-winning best-selling author of "When You Can Walk on Water, Takerepparttar 135205 Boat,"repparttar 135206 answer is “Absolutely, yes!”

John recently spoke with Tellman Knudson, as part ofrepparttar 135207 List Crusade program, a series of audio lessons from over 52 leading Internet marketing and self-help experts. Inrepparttar 135208 interview, he revealed a few ofrepparttar 135209 secrets from “Power Pause”, a groundbreaking course that has changedrepparttar 135210 lives of thousands.

The program is a simple quick 3-step formula to solve any problem in your life. Amazingly,repparttar 135211 entire process only takes about three minutes.

(Note: To access John Harricharan’s complete audio interview for fre^e, see end of article)

As a successful businessman and speaker, John studied many self-help systems, and he made an amazing discovery. Even though most systems produced astounding results for some individuals, he found that most self-help systems rarely work forrepparttar 135212 majority of users.


These systems are often complicated and time-consuming.

John says, “We have to get back to simplicity. We don’t have time to sit under a tree and meditate for hours, or ‘Om’ untilrepparttar 135213 cows come home, or go through every 15-step and 40-step program.” So John decided to distillrepparttar 135214 core principles of all his success training … He took ”ancient truths and combined them with modern psychological principles” to produce a system that is simple, quick, and powerful.

According to John, there are only three basic problems in life … Money, Health, and Relationships. Every problem relates to these three areas or a combination of them.

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