Kate Hepburn Stories

Written by Stephen Schochet

Katherine Hepburn came to Los Angeles in 1932 and like Calista Flockart, had a theater person's snobbish view towards Hollywood. In person, she impressed no one with her looks and style, and executive David O. Selznick worried about her "horse face". She finished her first film, Bill Of Divorcement with John Barrymore and told him," Thank God we're finished. I never want to act with you again". The Great Man replied," My dear girl. I wasn't aware that you had".

Many of Miss Hepburn's co-stars couldn't stand her. The movie Stage Door (1936) called for her to make a speech which would cause Ginger Rogers to cry. The director Gregory La Cava knew that Conservative Ginger Rogers hated Liberal Hepburn, so he called Ginger torepparttar set alone. "Babe I got terrible news. Your mother called, your new house burned down." After filming Ginger's tearful reaction, La Cava excused her, and Hepburn was called torepparttar 124161 set to make her speech.

Another film that gave Hepburn problems wasrepparttar 124162 comedy Bringing Up Baby (1938) with Cary Grant. She didn't at first understandrepparttar 124163 concept of playing comedy straight, lettingrepparttar 124164 script dictaterepparttar 124165 humor. Her meddling and constant suggestions drove director Howard Hawks to distraction. Finally he confronted her onrepparttar 124166 set. "Katie, will you please shut up!" Hepburn replied calmly," Howard, you shouldn't talk that way to me. I have many friends onrepparttar 124167 set. They might arrange for an accident to happen to you." Hawks looked up intorepparttar 124168 rafters at one ofrepparttar 124169 film techs manning a huge spotlight. "Hey Joey, who would rather drop that light on, me or Miss Hepburn?" "Get out ofrepparttar 124170 way, Mr. Hawks."

Hepburn at one point was declared box office poison and thought her career would be saved by playing Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind, which she was willing to do for free. Mindful of whatrepparttar 124171 reaction fromrepparttar 124172 South would be to a New Englander playingrepparttar 124173 role, David O. Selznick cruelly rejected her by saying," I can't imagine Rhett Butler chasing after you for 10 years."

Low Budget Horror Stories

Written by Stephen Schochet

Filmmakers have foundrepparttar horror genre to be a potentially low budget, high profit way of breaking intorepparttar 124160 business. Standing in a long line at a hardware store, Tobe Hooper imagined taking a chainsaw offrepparttar 124161 wall and cutting his way torepparttar 124162 front, inspiring his creation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). George Romero found a local butcher in Pittsburgh to finance and provide blood and guts for his zombie thriller Night Of The Living Dead (1968). Wes Craven combined a nasty bully named Freddy that he knew in grade school with a frightening old hobo he saw hanging around his Cleveland neighborhood to createrepparttar 124163 dream killer Freddy Krueger for A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984). And producer Val Lewton was given credit for saving RKO studios (teetering on bankruptcy because ofrepparttar 124164 overspending Orson Welles) by producingrepparttar 124165 highly profitable Cat People (1944), keepingrepparttar 124166 budget way down by showing shadows rather than cats.

Low budgets can mean small paydays to horror actors. Universal Studios founder Carl Laemmle became disenchanted by movie stars demands for perks and high salaries. Horror movies were an antidote, ifrepparttar 124167 Invisible Man orrepparttar 124168 Mummy demanded too much you could hire someone else andrepparttar 124169 public wouldn't knowrepparttar 124170 difference. One casualty was Boris Karloff who endured having make-up applied by Jack Pierce for four hours a day to play Frankenstein's Monster. Although he lovedrepparttar 124171 creature Karloff, who foundedrepparttar 124172 screen actors union, complained publicly aboutrepparttar 124173 Frankenstein movies," I was only in three of them but I get blamed for all nine." He also said," I get allrepparttar 124174 fan mail but somebody else getsrepparttar 124175 check." Each Halloween Boris's resentment grew whenrepparttar 124176 neighborhood kids in Beverly Hills would ask him to go trick or treating.

Karloff's influence was felt in Berkshire, England duringrepparttar 124177 making of Hammer Film's The Curse Of Frankenstein (1957). Fearing that any resemblance torepparttar 124178 Universal's Monster would cause a lawsuit, make-up artist Philip Leakey worked hard to make Christopher Lee's creature gruesome and unique. Former cavalryman Lee became so angry at Leakey's painful experiments on his face, he threatened to run him through with his sword. The make-up man disappeared for several days delaying filming. Later a calmer Lee lamented to his co-star Peter Cushing who played Baron Frankenstein," Playingrepparttar 124179 creature is horrid. I have no lines." "You're lucky. I've readrepparttar 124180 script." replied Cushing. The film was horribly reviewed and highly profitable.

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