Kanban Marketshare Leader is Datacraft Solutions

Written by Thomas Cutler

1000% growth in e-kanban services inrepparttar past twelve months has North Carolina-based Datacraft Solutions (www.datacraftsolutions.com) poised to capture significant percentage of lean manufacturing organizations business.

According to Sam Bayer, President of Datacraft Solutions, “We have seen explosive growth from major manufacturing enterprises with Lean initiatives. From Wiremold to dj Orthopedics to KOYO to Outokumpu, our e-kanban system, Signum, is being used throughout North America.”

FAX KANBAN is NOT Efficient and NOT Lean

At ten minutes per fax, someone is spending 3.5 hours per day in administration time. That inefficiency results in less time to utilize more suppliers or improverepparttar 147405 relationships with existing suppliers.

Furthermore, even if 99% of those faxes are trouble free procurement signals, four faxes per month are going to be problematic and diluterepparttar 147406 entire rationale for a lean manufacturing operation. Suppliers claim they did not receiverepparttar 147407 fax kanban; suppliers cannot makerepparttar 147408 shipment date requested and expedited shipping fees are incurred, or worse, there will be a stockout which will negatively impact customer service levels.

How to Curb Antique Shop Theft Inexpensively

Written by Michael Temple

If you have ever had your antique shop or mall ripped off, you understand that it's very hard to detect. There are simply so many items to keep track of, and an item can be missing literally for months and you may not realize it.

Curb theft dramtically by using a simple and inexpensive technique.

We all understand that perception is vitally important to human behavior, so why are we so fearful to use perception to our advantage when it comes to protecting our assets? Here's a step-by-step approach to shrinking theft by changing a customers perception ofrepparttar security in your store.

1. Select and purchase "dummy" video cameras. They do exist, and they can be used in combination with regular video cameras to giverepparttar 147404 illusion that your store is under constant surveillance. Put them in place all overrepparttar 147405 shop or mall in conspicuous places. The very sight of a security camera will often cause a thief to think twice before grabbing something.

2. Put security signage in place aroundrepparttar 147406 store. These simple signs will remind people that you take security seriously, and that thieves will be prosecuted. You can find a sample of this simple sign throughrepparttar 147407 link atrepparttar 147408 bottom of this article.

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