K.E.Y.S. To Your New Life

Written by Shannon Herod

K.E.Y.S. To Your New Life

Starting a home-based business is a scary step in most peoples lives, but withrepparttar right attitude and a solid plan financial freedom is just aroundrepparttar 117176 corner. I don’t know were to start, how do I promote, and I just don’t haverepparttar 117177 money is what most of you are saying. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for to get a look at how to get you K.E.Y.S. to a new life.

Keeprepparttar 117178 dream alive. We all started with one thing in common and that is a dream to make it big onrepparttar 117179 net. The most deadly thing a marketer can do is forgetrepparttar 117180 reason they started. Keep a close eye on your dream and do not let it slip. A few good was to remind your self are:

•write your dream down on three pieces of paper one to keep with you at all times one to put onrepparttar 117181 mirror you go to first thing inrepparttar 117182 morning andrepparttar 117183 last thing at night and one atrepparttar 117184 computer.

•Before you go to bed at night say your dream out loud inrepparttar 117185 present tense with convection and dorepparttar 117186 same thing inrepparttar 117187 morning.

•Tell everyone you know what you are going to accomplish.

Everything revolves around building an opt in list. Buy allrepparttar 117188 books you want about marketing onrepparttar 117189 net andrepparttar 117190 one common denominator will be build a list. If you want to make consistent money onrepparttar 117191 net you will need to build an optin list of subscribers. The best way to do that is build a lead capturing page and add it as a popup or pop under on your main page and your order page. This technical alone will increase your profits dramatically.

Getting The Most From Your Existing Customers

Written by Dan Brown

Business onrepparttar Net is a fast paced proposition. Net entrepreneurs are looking forrepparttar 117175 edge that will take their business torepparttar 117176 next level. Who doesn't want more business, right? Here's a simple yet POWERFUL idea for increasing your income.

As business people we look at many propositions that will help us take that next, much desired growth step. We hear that we must "brand" ourselves and be easy to do business with. The list of ideas goes on and on.


Many people overlook how hard (and expensive) it is to create a new customer. Yet, we focus most of our time and energy in just this area, thinking that if we just could get more customers we would achieve our goals. But what about getting more OUT OF your customers?

If you have been around for a while you have a customer list. That list is GOLD. Please understand that I am NOT talking about renting out your customer list of email addresses. What I AM talking about it approaching those customers, who know you and trust you already, with a totally new and different product.

Why should we limit ourselves to selling only one type of product or service when by adding an additional item to our current offerings we can TAKE ADVANTAGE ofrepparttar 117177 relationship that exists now? Will your customers resent this move? Not if you do it with some style.


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