Written by David Moore


As an on-line business entrepreneur it is your job to bring affiliates into your down line. But that’s an oversimplification of what your job really is. Bringing people intorepparttar business as new affiliates is like taking attendancerepparttar 135418 first day of a University class in Ontology. Most ofrepparttar 135419 students aren’t sure why they signed up forrepparttar 135420 course and most of them don’t have a clue whatrepparttar 135421 course is about. All they know is that someone advised them to enroll in it or another student who tookrepparttar 135422 course previously said, “if you take this class you’ll really like it.”

The real job of an on-line business entrepreneur is, to paraphrase Stephen Covey, “make sure your affiliates are aligned withrepparttar 135423 mission, vision, and strategy ofrepparttar 135424 business.” That’s because “when people are filled with true understanding ofrepparttar 135425 needs, when they share a powerful commitment to accomplishingrepparttar 135426 vision, when they are invited to create and continually improverepparttar 135427 structure and systems ofrepparttar 135428 business, then they have alignment.”

And why is alignment so important? Because your goal is to generate wealth and these arerepparttar 135429 true wealth builders of your business. And if you want your potential wealth builders to build your wealth you have to know that in their eyes you arerepparttar 135430 business. And if you they are no aligned with you they will not be likely to be much of a wealth builder.

So, to quote one ofrepparttar 135431 most noted experts inrepparttar 135432 field of business, Ken Blanchard, “your purpose as a leader is to help them accomplish their goals.” When I became an on-line business entrepreneur that’s exactly what Kevin Haas did for me. He brought me in as a an on-line business affiliate. He was always available and he exercised patience and understanding . He knew that helping me accomplish my financial goals would also help him accomplish his.

7 Money Saving Tips to Decrease Home Business Expenses

Written by Paige Pate Hall

We all know that running a home business is highly satisfying, and at times downright liberating! No clock to punch, no dress code, and best of all, no boss to answer to. But there are also many facets of business ownership that entrepreneurs must stay on top of. One of those is keepingrepparttar expense to income ratio in balance. Below are seven painless ways to do just that.

1.To save on costly ink cartridges, print in draft mode, unlessrepparttar 135363 printout is for a client or will be reproduced.

2.After spending your hard earned money on those ink cartridges, turn them into a free ream of paper! Many office supply stores offer a free ream of copy paper when you recycle a used ink cartridge at their store. Ask your local office supply store if they offer this service to their customers.

3.Make that free paper last twice as long. How many times have you printed something without spell checking it first? Userepparttar 135364 back of those misprints for making lists and jotting down ideas. Another way to keep paper use down is to utilizerepparttar 135365 annoying sheets that often print out last with just a small ad or footer on them. Turn them over and print onrepparttar 135366 blank side.

4.Apply for a cash back/rewards credit card. Using one credit card for all of your business purchases simplifies bookkeeping and makes categorizing expenses at tax time a lot easier. Why not earn rewards such as airline miles or restaurant gift certificates, or even better- cash, on purchases you have to make anyway? Just be sure to fully readrepparttar 135367 fine print concerning interest charges and late fees. Or pay offrepparttar 135368 balance each month and avoid both!

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