Just the Right Timing

Written by Thomas Yoon

How doesrepparttar engine know when to spray fuel, let in air, compressrepparttar 133414 air, and exhaustrepparttar 133415 spent combustion product?

Obviously, there must be a certain timing for these processes to follow in order forrepparttar 133416 diesel engine to work.

Ifrepparttar 133417 fuel were to be injected whenrepparttar 133418 air insiderepparttar 133419 cylinders is not sufficiently compressed, it will not ignite. Furthermore, ifrepparttar 133420 timing is not correct, some ofrepparttar 133421 unburned fuel may find their way out throughrepparttar 133422 exhaust and become lost.

Inefficient combustion takes place and power will be lost.

The many components of a diesel engine must work together properly, doing their function atrepparttar 133423 correct sequence allrepparttar 133424 time. If any component does not function as designed,repparttar 133425 engine will perform poorly or even stop completely.

The main moving components of a diesel engine, i.e.repparttar 133426 piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, fuel pump, exhaust valves and inlet valves are connected together through carefully designed gearing, cams, push rods, rocker arms, and sometimes drive chains.

Adjustingrepparttar 133427 timing ofrepparttar 133428 various processes of a diesel combustion cycle involves adjustments to these linkages.

In small diesel engines, very little adjustments can be done. However in large diesel engines, each of these components can be adjusted for maximum efficiency.

Do Your Customers Want a Custom Toolbar?

Written by John Calder

2004, John Calder http://www.TheEzine.net

Today's surfers aren't always too comfortable installing software on their computers. Especially free software that they don't necessarily understand. With allrepparttar horror stories of viruses, spyware, and adware that makerepparttar 133413 front page these days, it's no wonder.

So is there any way an Internet marketer can introduce a custom toolbar to their customers and prospects? Something they will actually download and use? Whether marketing to a consumer niche, or to other marketers, toolbars haverepparttar 133414 potential to keep you and your audience connected. They're a great way of extending relationship marketing torepparttar 133415 customer's desktop. After all, some ofrepparttar 133416 net's biggest players like Google and Yahoo offer them. Is there a way they can be effective for you too?

As with any of your other products, free or for sale, you have to build credibility and trust in your visitor's mind. This is even more important givenrepparttar 133417 overall fear of software downloads today. Most ofrepparttar 133418 standard techniques to gain trust should work, but you may need to use a combination of all of them for some visitors.

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