Just What Do We Mean by ABUSE Anyway?

Written by Rosella Aranda

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For most people,repparttar word abuse implies violent and malicious behavior. In fact, most mistreatment does NOT fall into that category. ALL MISTREATMENT LEAVES EMOTIONAL SCARS There are several basic types of mistreatment, but one thing that all types of mistreatment have in common is that they all cause great mental suffering. Itís important to realize that this damage occurs even ifrepparttar 149031 abuse is committed out of ignorance or exhaustion or any other mitigating factors.

Children have no way of discerning between intentional or unintentional harm. To them, it all hurts justrepparttar 149032 same. PHYSICAL MISTREATMENT AND NEGLECT Physical abuse includes any kind of corporal punishment: hitting, pushing, slapping, burning, biting, and even yanking. You often see parents yanking their children by repparttar 149033 arm as if they were dragging something by a leash. These behaviors may or may not leave physical scars, butrepparttar 149034 emotional scars always remain. There is also neglect, which is a deprivation of basic necessities: food, clothing, shelter, medical attention or adequate supervision. Leaving children alone who are too young to be in charge of themselves and their own safety is not only dangerous. It is cruel. The child might assurerepparttar 149035 parents that itís okay with him because he senses that thatís what his parents want. In reality,repparttar 149036 child may be terrified of staying alone and even more afraid to say so. WITNESSING PHYSICAL ABUSE IS EQUALLY ABUSIVE Most people do not recognize that just witnessing physical abuse is also horrifying and extremely damaging. Ifrepparttar 149037 parents beat up on each other andrepparttar 149038 kid is forced to watch or hear or even witnessrepparttar 149039 aftermath, no one gets out of that scenario unscathed. SEXUAL ABUSE IS NOT CONFINED TO INTERCOURSE Sexual abuse occurs when a child is forced, tricked, or threatened to engage in any kind of sexual behavior. It is not limited to penetration or fellatio or fondling. It includes even watching or listening to any kind of sexual activity. Most people do not realize that sexual violation also occurs when there is a distortion of boundaries: ē Grown-ups walking in on kids without regard for their intimate space ē Grown-ups being too seductively clad or unclad

Does Your Job Need a D.I.E.T.

Written by Jacqueline Ennis

How much time do you spend at work? If you are you like most Americans you are working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, at times, dotted with a 6th. Working 40+hours a week can haverepparttar effect of sacrifice, neglect and starvation of your personal self.

May be you need to put your job on a D.I.E.T. Note: I didnít say quit your job. I said put it on a D.I.E.T..

D.I.E.T. is a structure of time and place. It is defined as:

Dedicated Time: is generated for a specific purpose i.e. reading a good book, playing a game, writing a letter or thank you note.

It can be spent with or with out family and friends but must be spent dedicated just forrepparttar 148977 purpose intended. All non emergencies must hold out until you have completed your Dedicated Time.

Individual Time: is time spent just for yourself , whether itís a nice long walk, a game of solitaire or just reading old letters or (emails). Individual Time is a Time of reflecting on your life in any manner you want to take. It must be spent doing something beneficial just for you!

Effective Time: is spent constructively. A time for meditating on or doing something that propels you to a higher plane in life. Be it valitiering to helprepparttar 148978 less fortunate or going to a church meeting that's been on your mind.

Titanium Time: Pure Titanium is stronger; yet almost 50% lighter than steel. With incredible strength and durability it is immune to corrosiveness even from most acids, gases and alkalis Titanium Time is a space of time and moments in your life in which you have blocked and locked away for no other purpose than to serve yourself.

Titanium Time can be engage in as often as once a day but should be no less than once a week.

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