Just The Fax, Míam

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

For years, I smugly prided myself as a non-fax machine person. I felt it beneath my dignity to own such a technical contraption. The quill is more my style than a computer but, being practical, I reluctantly use a computer, casting wistful glances atrepparttar dust gathering on my quill.

Unfortunately, inrepparttar 139159 world in which we live, it is necessary to fax some letters or documents to someone in some odd part ofrepparttar 139160 world. I don't like it, but that's justrepparttar 139161 way it is.

Onrepparttar 139162 rare occasion when I must fax some document at an office supply store, I usually sneak inrepparttar 139163 back way. It has been my experience, whenrepparttar 139164 fax man seeth me cometh, he always raisesrepparttar 139165 price per page. This is just a small service he does for Yours Truly.

Then, when paying for this service,repparttar 139166 fax man usually says with an impish grin, "When are you going to get a fax machine of your own?"

I always flash a smile back at him, but if he knewrepparttar 139167 thoughts in my head, he would charge me more per page. Silence truly is golden, especially forrepparttar 139168 person exercisingrepparttar 139169 virtue.

Actually, I don't trust machines. I know a mind somewhere is controlling all of these machines ó a menacing, mischievous mind dedicated torepparttar 139170 simple task of messing up my life.

When I eventually break down and buy a fax machine someone will invent something to replace it and I'll have another antique on my hands to put alongside of my Underwood typewriter and boxes of 8-track tapes.

This notwithstanding, I ended up buying a fax machine several weeks ago. I didn't want to, but I had no choice inrepparttar 139171 matter.

My printer finally wentrepparttar 139172 way of all printers. I hated to see it go. The left side was cracked where Noah,repparttar 139173 original owner, dropped it. For years, it served me quite well. My next printer will have a big ink cartridge to fill.

I hate buying replacement equipment. Rarely isrepparttar 139174 new any better thanrepparttar 139175 old, just more expensive, not to mention complicated. But, necessity isrepparttar 139176 stepmother of all complications in life, and I set out to buy a new printer.

I resolutely did not want to buy a fax machine. Under no circumstance did I want to buy a fax machine. Therefore, I ended up buying a fax machine.

It is impossible to buy a printer anymore. In order to buy a printer you must

buy a machine that prints/copies/scans/faxes. I think it's a pretty sneaky way to get me to buy a fax machine. Someone "out there" is set on me owning a fax machine even though I don't want to own one.

This new machine does everything but vacuumrepparttar 139177 interior of my car. But it wasrepparttar 139178 cheapest machine I could find.

Can You or Canít You

Written by Timothy Whitt

There are a lot of people out there who for one reason or another really canít so something. This article is not about you so donít be offended. This article is about allrepparttar other people who for one reason or another say they canít do something, when what they really should be saying is that they wonít do something. Now I donít want you to be offended either, I am merely pointing out that we should mean what we say and do what we say we canít but know in our hearts that we could if we tried.

Sound a little confusing? Well it is confusing to me why in our society there are a lot of reasons why we canít but very little results when we could. We can always come up with a lot of reasons why something did not work when we should be trying to getrepparttar 138600 results of what we are trying to do inrepparttar 138601 first place. Byrepparttar 138602 time your mind comes up with an excuse you could have been making a break through or completing a task. In fact it takes more effort to think of a reason why wonít do something then to actually do itrepparttar 138603 first place.

Case in point you are asked to take outrepparttar 138604 garbage, now you stand there for 10 minutes arguing withrepparttar 138605 other person trying to get you point across why you canít do it, when you know in your heart you just really donít want to do it. Now you know if you had just taken outrepparttar 138606 trash inrepparttar 138607 first place you would have saved yourself 7 or 8 minutes of time, which you could have used to do something else.

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