"Just Do It"

Written by Yolanda Shoshana

"Just Do It"

In our society people can name a hundred reasons or shall I say "excuses" why they should not do something that they dream of doing, while finding one good reason is hard to find. We have become a culture full of dreamers, "one day I am going to..." We have become scared of taking a risk for fear of failure and continue to wait forrepparttar right time to pursue our goals.

What are you waiting for? There will

The Goddess Ala -

Written by Judi Singleton

Earth Mother Goddess ofrepparttar Ibo tribe in Nigeria. Creator ofrepparttar 130697 living and Queen ofrepparttar 130698 dead. Provider of communal loyalty and Lawgiver of society.

Ala isrepparttar 130699 Ibo (Nigeria) goddess ofrepparttar 130700 earth. She isrepparttar 130701 daughter ofrepparttar 130702 High God and is considered to berepparttar 130703 mother of all things. She is bothrepparttar 130704 goddess of fertility andrepparttar 130705 goddess of death. She gives birth inrepparttar 130706 beginning and welcomesrepparttar 130707 dead back to her womb.

Divine Mother who gives life, provides all that is life sustaining, establishes laws, guides morality and finally claims her children in death. If her children live peacefully, there will be bountiful harvests fromrepparttar 130708 earth and womb.

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