"Just Because Your Dog Loves You, Doesn't Mean You're A Nice Guy"

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Just Because Your Dog Likes You, Doesn't Mean You're A Nice Guy.

Many people in business really are "nice guys", but some aren't. How can someone tell which group you're in? The web is a cold, seemingly uncaring place, and many people will not respond in a positive manner unless they develop a rapport with someone.

When someone meets you "face to face" they form an opinion of you. Good, bad or indifferent, at least it is an opinion. If someone visits a web site, whether they know it or not, they are forming an opinion. The majority of web sites engender an "indifferent" opinion. "Blah" comes to mind.

Some web pages are offered byrepparttar telephone companies as an add-on torepparttar 134815 advertising they sell. These sites are hyped as free, but they really aren't, as you have to take out a certain size ad to get one. Forrepparttar 134816 most part, in our opinion, they look as if they were created from a template. The only thing that appears to change isrepparttar 134817 business name, andrepparttar 134818 limited copy they allow. This is definite fit inrepparttar 134819 "Blah" category. Many people see a "lack luster" site, and since there is nothing to hold their interest, they click away. Why bother?

Then you haverepparttar 134820 bad sites. We've all seen examples of these. A web site fraught with misspelled words, or has a hodgepodge of different font sizes. It seemingly goes on forever, and you really have to hunt to find out what they're trying to say. Most people will simply leave without even trying.

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Website In One Simple, Easy Step

Written by Brian Terry

I'm sure you've experienced this before... you visit a website and a small window pops up out of nowhere asking you to subscribe to an E-zine, or maybe something similar.

You might be wondering where it came from? Or think how do I get rid of this annoying window that won't go away!

It's a love, hate thing...

Visit any Internet Marketing web forum and you'll find someone talking aboutrepparttar virtues and pitfalls of pop-up windows. In short no matter what some might say, love them or hate them they getrepparttar 134814 results you need.

There was one article I read recently where someone received 78% of their subscribers fromrepparttar 134815 pop-up window used to promote their E-zine! Others reported a tripling of responses!

The simple fact is pop-up windows get results. The question then becomes how well can you use them without annoying your potential new customer?

Keep things sticky!

I have something here that will help to keep your visitors attention focused on staying at your website and not walking off in frustration.

I spent ages trying to find a piece of Java script that fits this criteria! now that I have it I thought it would be good to share with you today.

It's easy to install... simply adjust a few words then cut and pasterepparttar 134816 script intorepparttar 134817 body of your HTML code.

Dorepparttar 134818 twist!

What's great about this idea of pop-up windows is it doesn't have to be limited to E-zine subscriptions. Use your imagination to add any twists you can. For example it could be used to make sure visitors know about any special offers you may have at your site. They just click on a link and they are taken straight there.

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