Just A Little Advice...Part 2

Written by Terri Seymour

Continuing on from Part , I would like to share some ofrepparttar things I have learned about web design and promotion. Building and maintaining a website can be a lot of work. I have learned some ideas and tips for making your website more effective. Update Your Site Regularly - You must continually add new content to your site. You cannot just throw up some information and then just leave it there forever. Your visitors will stop coming because there is never anything new for them. You could put up a what's new section where you would tell your visitors what you have recently added torepparttar 117863 site. Do Not Overload Your Website - While lots of pretty graphics may look nice, they can be a hindrance to your site. Your site will take too long to download and people might just not want to wait that long. Make sure your site is not too flashy and is easy to navigate. If people cannot find what they are looking for, they will go to another site. Learn To Be Your Own Webmaster - You want to be in control of your own website and to be able to make changes and improvements without having to depend on somebody else. There were many times when I needed something done and had to wait for my son (who built my site) to be able to do it. Now that I can take care of things myself, things get done when they need to get done. Here are some sites to help: http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/ http://htmlgoodies.earthweb.com/ http://www.stars.com/ Make Your Website Unique - Add some of your personality to your site. Have an About Me page and let people get to know you. There is something about your site that is very unique and that is you! Always Have Something For Free - There are many things you can give away for free at your site. Free resources, eGreeting Cards, eBooks, contests and more. Check out these sites for freebies: http://www.absolutelyfreebies.com/ http://www.thefreesite.com/Webmaster_Freebies/ Start An Ezine - You definitely want to publish your own ezine to keep in contact with your visitors and to keep them updated on your site and/or products. Publishing an ezine is a lot of work, but it is work that is enjoyable. You want to provide resources and information in your ezine as well as updates on your business. There are some good sites that can help you get started with your ezine: http://www.e-zinez.com http://www.worldwidelearn.com/ezine-publishing.htm http://www.ezineuniversity.com/

Business Building Ideas

Written by Terri Seymour

With this article, I am going to provide you with some ofrepparttar best ways to build your online business. There are many ways, some not so good and some excellent! The ideas I have listed below arerepparttar 117862 ones that have helped merepparttar 117863 most.

1.Answering email inquiries quickly and efficiently.- I get many emails asking about how to build a business or where to advertise and so on. I answer all these emails within a 24 hour period and I am as helpful as possible. Remember, you were once a newbie also. More often than not, these people will subscribe to your ezine and/or add your link to their site or whatever they can do to help you. I have emailed others with questions and always end up subscribing torepparttar 117864 ones who answer in a helpful and timely manner. This shows a lot about a person's character and business practices.

2. Message Boards - Get involved in a few good message boards. You do not have to just post an ad and forget about it. That is one way to get people to ignore you. What you want to do is get involved inrepparttar 117865 conversations. It doesn't even have to be about business. The point is to become part ofrepparttar 117866 discussion and answer questions whenever you can. Establish yourself as reliable and trustworthy, not a person who spams and runs. This will provide you with many prospects. I have had many people email me regarding posts of mine on message boards. Some great boards are:

http://www.bizymoms.com/discus/ http://www.momsnetwork.com/cgi-bin/webx/WebX http://www.delphi.com/dir-delphi/

3. Ezine Ad Swapping- If you publish an ezine this is one ofrepparttar 117867 best business builders available. Find other ezines of similar content and emailrepparttar 117868 publisher asking if they would be interested in doing an ad swap. Tell them a little about your ezine and why you think an ad swap would benefit both of you. Here are some places to find publishers interested in ad swaps:

http://Ezine-Swap.com/ http://www.adswappers.20m.com/ http://swap.at/TheSwapShop.com http://www.swap-resources.com/

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