Jump on Blogging and RSS Feeds or be Left Behind!

Written by Craig Desorcy

Jump on Blogging and RSS Feeds or be Left Behind!

Viruses andrepparttar deluge ofrepparttar 131611 cyberspace version of junk mail, spam, has forced marketers to look for new ways to get back intorepparttar 131612 surfer’s eye. Spam filters hinder many of today’s marketers. That ezine you spent hours producing is often routed torepparttar 131613 garbage bin without your intended audience ever seeing it. Now that’s not nice, but overwhelming piles of unsolicited emails are thrown into virtual mailboxes aroundrepparttar 131614 globe. Do you read your spam mail?

The wise and prudent are jumping on a trend that was relegated to personal use until about a year ago - blogging and RSS Feeds. These new tools have becomerepparttar 131615 latest marketing craze to hitrepparttar 131616 Internet. Why? The advantages they present are amazing, cost effective, and can get your site indexed inrepparttar 131617 blink of an eye. No wonder marketing gurus are smiling likerepparttar 131618 Cheshire cat!

Andrew logged onto his usual My Yahoo! page early in September 2004, and was startled to see that it had had a make-over. Really, he thought only women did that! What was this RSS feed information blaring acrossrepparttar 131619 screen anyway? It took a little bit of investigation, but Andrew soon discovered that this news could mean extra money in his pocket.

He nearly spilled his lukewarm coffee onrepparttar 131620 keyboard when he realized that he could get his website in front of more than 20 million viewers with such amazing ease! People everywhere were touting RSS feeds and blogs asrepparttar 131621 backdoor to Yahoo! - and what a place to be! He’d spent endless hours trying to implement search engine optimization techniques in order to do this very thing.

Add New Content Effortlessly to Your Website with RSS Feeds

Written by Craig Desorcy

RSS Feeds arerepparttar latest in cutting-edge tools for alert webmasters. Globally, consumers are gobbling up this latest trend. The convenience of being able to monitor all of their favorite feeds in one place carries tremendous appeal. Webmasters and marketers find RSS feeds equally as attractive. The instant widespread distribution of content updates becomes a breeze with RSS feeds. Many believe that inrepparttar 131610 near future, webmasters who don’t utilize this optimal communication tool will be inrepparttar 131611 minority.

Joe bangedrepparttar 131612 desk next to his keyboard, making his coffee tilt precariously. He was irate to sayrepparttar 131613 least. Forrepparttar 131614 past 15 minutes he’d been browsing websites looking for that tidbit of information he needed to complete his presentation due in 25 minutes. His growls would have intimidated anyone less courageous thanrepparttar 131615 typical mountain lion, but Joe was fed up. To make matters worse, he knew that he’d recently visited a site withrepparttar 131616 information. His inability to recall which ofrepparttar 131617 thousand sites he’d perused inrepparttar 131618 last weeks had him boiling.

Inrepparttar 131619 cubicle torepparttar 131620 right sat Sally, “always-on-time Sally.” How did she do it? It seemed that everything she looked for was at her fingertips and only a minute or two away. If he weren’t so galled by his inability to find that one lit bit of info, he’d ask her. Of course her eyes would light up, she’d snap her fingers and say, “Oh I know where we can find that!” The thought irked him.

The secret to Sally’s seemingly pristine organization skills...you guessed it - RSS feeds all posted to one page. She had her favorite news feed, her favorite blogs,repparttar 131621 latest marketing and computer tech feeds, and even Garfield - her favorite cartoon - all posted to one page. When it came time to look for a tidbit of information, Sally knew right where to go. In factrepparttar 131622 last time, she’d had to spend time using search engines was when her cat had fleas, and she wanted to find out which flea shampoo was most effective.

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