Jump-Starting a New Ezine

Written by Gail Hornback

You've decided. You know it is critical to your online success, and you are ready to jump in and become an Ezine Publisher. Good for you! You are headed inrepparttar right direction.

No doubt,repparttar 124310 biggest hurdle you'll find along this road is simple getting started. The easy part is actually developing your idea, setting up your format, deciding on your content, how to mail it out, etc. That's a breeze. No problem.

The challenge comes after that is all finished. Now you need to start enlisting subscribers.

Get ready to work!

First of all, you MUST facerepparttar 124311 facts. Some recent statistics tell us that there are AT LEAST 300,000 ezines out there. And every one of those ezine are competing forrepparttar 124312 same subscribers!!

So, are you one of those that, when faced with those kinds of facts, promptly gets discouraged? Then, maybe you need to face another fact: You may be inrepparttar 124313 wrong business! But if you're one of those who is motivated by a challenge, then read on.

First of all, building a successful subscriber list IS a challenge. But it is NOT impossible, if you know what you're doing, and also what everyone else is doing.

If you're willing to work harder than most ezine publishers, you will get your share ofrepparttar 124314 subscriber market. One reason? A large majority of new ezine publisher, create their ezine, place a subscribe form on their site, submit it to a handful of ezine directories, and proceed to sit back and wait forrepparttar 124315 onslaught of sign-ups. NOT!

Building a subscriber list is a multi-tasker's dream! The secret is inrepparttar 124316 numbers. Number of places you get your information, number of different methods you use, numbers, numbers, numbers! ( Work, work, work.)

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's get back to just getting started. That wasrepparttar 124317 hurdle we were talking about. If you are stuck in that overwhelming land of "I don't know where to start", then here are 4 ways you can jump start your subscriber list. Start here, and I promise,repparttar 124318 ball will start rolling.

1. Submit to Ezine Directories and Announcement Lists.

EVERY ONE YOU CAN FIND! Remember, numbers. Here are a list of some ofrepparttar 124319 best ones to get you started. Do a search for Ezine Directories.

http://www.bestezines.com http://www.ezineaction.com http://www.ezineadvertising.com http://www.ezine-dir.com http://www.ezinelibrary.com http://www.ezinelocater.com http://www.ezine-marketing.com http://www.ezinesearch.com http://www.ezinesplus.com http://www.ezinestoday.com http://www.ezine-swap.com http://www.ezine-universe.com

Most will ask for a description of your ezine. A well- written description can make allrepparttar 124320 difference in whether folks choose to subscribe. As you're looking at these directories, make note ofrepparttar 124321 descriptions that catch your eye.

You might want to check out a great piece of software called Ezine Announcer. Takes most ofrepparttar 124322 pain and tedious-ness out of this submission process. http://wetrack.it/eza/af.cgi?47

Turn your FREE eZine into a money-maker, tip 3

Written by Terry Telford

Your eZine is your child. You conceivedrepparttar idea. You nurturedrepparttar 124309 concept. You developedrepparttar 124310 content and layout. You invested your time and energy into its growth. Now it's payback time. Literally.

Although raising a child and developing an eZine are both rewarding experiences, your eZine gets torepparttar 124311 point where it should be making you money. If you are still struggling to make a buck online with your publication, make sure you absorb and use each money-making tip in this series of articles.

Affiliate programs and products

You probably began your eZine to promote your own affiliate programs and products, so this isn't exactly a new idea. But how are you promoting your programs and products?

Here is a quick, 7 point list of ideas that you can use in your eZine to increase your affiliate sign ups and product sales.

1. Classified ads - This one is an obvious idea, but is not as simple as it seems. Writing an effective, lead generating, classified ad is an art and takes practice. Notice I said lead generating.

The sole purpose of a classified ad is to generate leads. It's highly unlikely that you're going to make a sale with 5 lines of text. Instead, use your 5 lines to motivate your prospects into visiting your site, where you can present an entire sales presentation and make your sale.

An excellent resource for learning to write effective classified ads is Tom Hua's, Classified Ad Secrets 2002. http://www.bpcpublishing.com/classifiedsecrets.htm

2. Sponsor ads - These ads are larger than classified ads, strategically placed atrepparttar 124312 top, middle or bottom of your ezine and generally 'framed' with interesting characters. You can make these sponsorship ads any size you want, but a comfortable size is about 12 lines

Because you make these ads larger than normal and place them in strategic places, top, middle and bottom of your eZine, they attract more attention.

3. Articles - Write your own articles. If you use articles in your eZine, why not write your own? You don't have to write every article in every issue of your publication, but make an effort to write at least one a month.

Your articles show your subscribers that you are an 'expert' in your field and gives you added credibility. But this is onlyrepparttar 124313 spin off benefit.

Write your article about your products and affiliate programs. One word of warning here, don't write an ad, it most likely won't get published. Giverepparttar 124314 readers thick and juicy information to chew on and subtly place your product or affiliate link intorepparttar 124315 article where it is appropriate.

But don't stop there. You've put a lot of time and effort into writing a quality article. Now let other eZine publishers use your work. Get your article listed at article submission sites. Here's a short list of quality sites to submit to.

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