July Google PageRank Update

Written by Ratliff J

Google has updated their Pagerank on July 15, 2005. I went through my websites earlier today and was pleased with my own results. I saw an increase forrepparttar most part, and a few losers that I knew would fall.

Custom Error Pages

Written by Adam Fletcher

Ever get a complaint from a customer or visitor about broken links or error pages which seem to randomly appear on your site? Here'srepparttar solution... make your own custom error page which will forward visitors to any page you specify. You may choose to send them to your home page, or perhaps a special information page asking them to notify you ofrepparttar 149672 problem.


Make your custom page and upload it to your server. Look on your server for a file called .htaccess using your FTP program. http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com If you do not find one, create a new file in notepad and name it .htaccess -- upload this file to your server's root directory.

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