July Garden Chores

Written by Sandra Wilson

It's getting hotter every day or so it seems. There are still some things that can be done inrepparttar garden even at this time of year. Below are a few gardening tips for those that loverepparttar 146362 summer warmth. For you who aren't particularly appreciative ofrepparttar 146363 hot hot, then do your gardening chores early inrepparttar 146364 morning.

Asrepparttar 146365 flowers in your garden start to fade, you should see seed pods begin to appear. What does this mean as far asrepparttar 146366 plant's growth is concerned? How does it affectrepparttar 146367 appearance of your garden?

It means thatrepparttar 146368 plant puts most of its resources towardsrepparttar 146369 seeds and creating them. Ifrepparttar 146370 seed pods are allowed to remain,repparttar 146371 plant will not continue to give you flowers like it would ifrepparttar 146372 seeds were removed oncerepparttar 146373 flowers go by. You could end up with a garden with lots of seeds and few blooms. This of course, depends on many factors. Therefore, faded flowers should be cut off. You can go around every day as you go about youyr gardening with some type of trimmers or scissors and cut off allrepparttar 146374 dead flowers. You can add this organic matter to your compost pile.

But,there are, of course, exceptions to every rule. There are a some plants that are grown because of their colored or shaped seed pods. Among these arerepparttar 146375 Chinese lanterns plants. It is a low-growing plant with white flowers that some may think are not as pretty as many other flowers, but whenrepparttar 146376 flowers have gone by, balloon-like seed pods gradually appear. At first these are green, but in time they will change to a brilliant orange-red. They can be used in vases inrepparttar 146377 house throughoutrepparttar 146378 winter to brightenrepparttar 146379 decor.

At this time of year, you might find a beautiful flower on some plant in your garden and you just want to saverepparttar 146380 seed. Tie a piece of string aroundrepparttar 146381 stem so you can identify it later and very carefully removerepparttar 146382 other flowers fromrepparttar 146383 plant as they fade. Then, whenrepparttar 146384 seed is ready, you can cutrepparttar 146385 stem bearingrepparttar 146386 seed. After leaving it in a warm dry place for a few days, carefully seperate outrepparttar 146387 seeds and put them away for another day. They should be kept perfectly dry. This is one technique towards creating your own special garden and an interesting gardening technique as well.

In some cases, it is a good plan to sow seed as soon as it is ready as it grows more quickly and more surely than seed that has been kept. For annuals, this may not be practical this late inrepparttar 146388 season. This, of course, depends upon your growing season, how longrepparttar 146389 individual plant actually takes to set seed and other factors. With perennials, you might be able to get a head start on next spring by plantingrepparttar 146390 seed in a protected area forrepparttar 146391 winter. Maybe in a cold frame in a protected area. Onrepparttar 146392 other hand, there are some seeds that just do not grow for a long time. Some seeds require a certain number of hours of cold temperatures or even below freezing temperatures before planting. You will have to researchrepparttar 146393 individual plant you have seed from to see what is practical.

How to make your Backyard a Wonderland Oasis

Written by Robert Gravestock

Home and garden accessories makerepparttar difference between house and home. Unfortunately, quality accessories can be notoriously expensive and in today's economy, finding beauty at a price one can afford is sometimes difficult but can be done. The difference between an empty backyard and a lush garden oasis comes down torepparttar 145750 details. Visual and aural grace notes can transform any space.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere has as much to do with sound as with visual details. For instance, a simple white hammock suspended between two trees or a solid-wood swing becomes a perfect spot for Sunday afternoon naps and quiet conversations. Accompany that with tea-light candle lanterns, arranged attractively on a treated outdoor cocktail table placed next to a rose bed makes a perfect place for morning coffee. Hang a wood and steel wind chime nearby, hung high inrepparttar 145751 trees, sending pleasant notes overrepparttar 145752 air. Depending onrepparttar 145753 materials used in construction, wind chimes can sound like tinkling bells, or have rich, sonorous chimes. Finally, place a gently flowing fountain just behind is always an elegant finishing touch. Voila. You've incorporated allrepparttar 145754 elements: fire, water, steel and wood, and created your own Feng Shui paradise.

For those fond of outdoor pieces, like garden statues, birdbaths and fountains, be sure to takerepparttar 145755 height ofrepparttar 145756 surrounding plants (if any) into consideration. If you have a lush garden, full of tall grasses and flowering plants, consider foot tall or higher plaster statues of children gathering flowers, angels whispering to one another, or playful rabbits. Small plaster statues inrepparttar 145757 form of either sweet cherubs or amusing gargoyles (believed in ancient times to keep evil spirits away) are very charming when placed in garden beds featuring low growing border plants.

When choosing home and garden accessories to enjoy in your backyard wonderland, don't forget to think ofrepparttar 145758 very birds, bees and butterflies which also call your backyard home. The friendlier a backyard is to flora and neighborhood fauna,repparttar 145759 more inviting it is to people, too. Watching robins inrepparttar 145760 spring, hummingbirds inrepparttar 145761 summer and sparrows inrepparttar 145762 fall is one ofrepparttar 145763 more relaxing aspects of backyard living.

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