Juggling Your Way Into Balance - Part 1 - Where We've Been

Written by Karin Syren

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Let's take a brief look atrepparttar journey of American women throughrepparttar 150361 last 100 years. Throughout this period, we have proved ourselves to be resilient and flexible, persistent and determined, dedicated, diverse, courageous, and perennially undiscouraged.

The 20th century brought with it a wave of altered roles for women, resulting in changed and expanded obligations, through which we consistently proved our resilient responses to an inconstant world. During WWI andrepparttar 150362 Great Depression, American women fought onrepparttar 150363 home front, rearing children alone and fashioning family life on a shoestring, often working long hours outsiderepparttar 150364 home as well.

Inrepparttar 150365 40's, our mothers and grandmothers mobilizedrepparttar 150366 war machine, taking up welding bonnets and riveting guns and tending victory gardens by moonlight. We have been historically dedicated to our homes, our families and our country. Whenrepparttar 150367 boys returned as men, we gracefully stepped into wifely roles once more.

As housewives and mothers duringrepparttar 150368 prosperous 50's, we shapedrepparttar 150369 culture ofrepparttar 150370 decade, finding outlets for our creativity and energies, while our husbands worked long hours bringingrepparttar 150371 new wave of prosperity to our doorsteps. We are historically flexible.

Inrepparttar 150372 60's we stepped out and tested our independence. We opted for higher education, started moving toward financial independence as never before, burned our bras, stuck flowers in our hair and spoke out for peace and protested inequality, as our grandmothers had before us. We are historically determined and persistent.

The 70's, 80's and 90's found us continuing to assume roles inrepparttar 150373 thick of things, making our mark on history inrepparttar 150374 latter part of a century marked by political and social upheaval. Women permeated society's key functions at all levels, accounting for 10 Nobel prizes inrepparttar 150375 last 20 years. We've pioneered in every field from science to literature, from music to medicine, from politics to business, from hundreds of feet below sea level to hundreds of miles aboverepparttar 150376 earth's surface.

We've taught, evangelized, performed, healed, designed, discovered, invented, adjudicated, and administered. We've made policy, money, decisions, love, and babies. We've done practically everything men have, and made less money doing it, yet we are undiscouraged. But we are women first, last and always.

If Not Now, When?

Written by Elisha Burke

Copyright 2005 Elisha Burke

How many times have you made excuses for putting off something you really needed or wanted to do? Probably too many times to count. It is all too easy to get inrepparttar habit of puttingrepparttar 150249 desires of your heart on hold. You may have been taught to putrepparttar 150250 needs of others first or that it is selfish to think of your own desires.

Mind you, there is times when it is appropriate and right to putrepparttar 150251 needs of others first, i.e., children, and others who have a right to depend on you.

Yet, even with that you must not always put yourself last and deny yourselfrepparttar 150252 happiness that comes from doing something for yourself. The truth is, when we do something that brings us fulfillment, it has a positive impact on every area of our lives.Another truth is that if we don't do certain things we greatly desire for ourselves, that feeling of failure and disappointment often negatively impacts our lives. It doesn't have to be that way.

Now isrepparttar 150253 time to begin a new journey of personal and, perhaps even financial fulfillment. You have within yourepparttar 150254 ability to change your circumstances. The change begins when you make up your mind to stop putting off those things your really want, and ought to doing for yourself.

Recently, I watchedrepparttar 150255 local news as they featuredrepparttar 150256 story of an 80 year-old man who had just received his high school diploma.This elderly man, now slowed by age walked slowly with his hand outstretched to receive his diploma. The look in his time-worn face was one of sheer joy. It wasrepparttar 150257 joy of at last accomplishing this goal that was obviously of utmost importance to him. This man's high school education had been interrupted by World War II,and later by providing for a family.

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