Joseph of Arimathaea - Part One:

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Have you heard aboutrepparttar Glastonbury Thorn tree that is a Palestinian Thorn found only in Palestine? It is said to have originated withrepparttar 138051 arrival of Joseph of Arimathaea in what is now England, withrepparttar 138052 family of Jesus after they spent time inrepparttar 138053 south of France. Joseph stuck it inrepparttar 138054 ground to indicate they too would stick on that ground where he had business dealings for all of his life inrepparttar 138055 tin trade withrepparttar 138056 Cassiterrides or Cornwall. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew about this Phoenician conglomerate and its trade. There was an oracle ofrepparttar 138057 Sibyl/Dryads teaching who had a following and she was named Almathaea or something of a similar spelling in one ofrepparttar 138058 many languages, throughoutrepparttar 138059 Mediterranean. Here is a trail (the money trail) that is wisely traveled and makes a lot of common sense full of motive and opportunity.

Linguists are now certain that Hebrew is a Phoenician language. The 'arch-tectons' or family of Jesus might have beenrepparttar 138060 designers ofrepparttar 138061 Pyramids and of Keltic origin. Is this a mystery, a fable orrepparttar 138062 over-indulgent rationale of a person seeking a unique perspective on 'his'-story. You will berepparttar 138063 judge and hopefully you will check further alongrepparttar 138064 trail and see many other authors who are connecting this picture in quite forensic manners and with common sense beyondrepparttar 138065 level ofrepparttar 138066 purely mythical and useful Bible Narrative. This re-working of Jesus and his family, orrepparttar 138067 'source' of his teaching is quite an important part of what our lives and laws still are governed by, we think. Is this Hebrewrepparttar 138068 sacerdotal code that pre-existed hieroglyphics which Flinders-Petrie said was around for thousand(s) of years. That is what Connor MacDari and my Ogham scholar would say, onrepparttar 138069 path back to Ogham.

Clearly last year’s Associated Press report that confirms pre-existing alphabets inrepparttar 138070 Sahara whererepparttar 138071 savannah had agriculture a thousand years beforerepparttar 138072 'hunters and gatherers' of Egypt is worth thinking about. Michael Grant tells us of a pre-existing Canaanite (Phoenician) language. Strabo talks of a history book in Tartessus going back to around 8,000 BC. which ties in with Gimbutas's Old European. The verbal tradition ofrepparttar 138073 Kelts inrepparttar 138074 Psaltair na Tara goes back 25,000 years. Manetho wrote of Isis colonizing Egypt in 36,000 BC. andrepparttar 138075 mines recently found there from 35,000 years ago are a good piece of actual hard evidence. Velikovsky's Ramesside 'tiles' and all manner of other clues and possibilities including engineering in Carnac and social structure akin torepparttar 138076 Mayan in Stonehenge from Euan MacKie or Evan Hadringham. Marshack's 15-35,000 year old Iberian (Kelt or Basque) lunar calendar is a good piece inrepparttar 138077 puzzle, too. Arerepparttar 138078 Jewish people really a homogeneous group? We know that Joseph of Arimathaea was a Benjaminite but most scholars know not where Arimathaea is. That seems a rather convenient oversight when we also knowrepparttar 138079 Benjaminites were at war withrepparttar 138080 rest ofrepparttar 138081 tribes of Israel as we now turn to Mr. Bradley who has done some excellent sleuthing and dedicated scholarship.

"One Sicambrian King was named Merovee. About 470 A.D. something noteworthy happened during Merovée's rule. The Sicambrian line was somehow enhanced in prestige from this time. The dynasty was called Merovingian afterwards in honour of this King Merovée who also reigned aboutrepparttar 138082 time of King Arthur's birth {Recent 'digs' show Arthur of Wales was situated in a site on Cadbury Hill near Glastonbury asrepparttar 138083 legends did say. There are other Arthur's in earlier legends too, I believe.}.

And that coversrepparttar 138084 Merovingian origins, onrepparttar 138085 surface.

But these Sicambrian Franks, or Merovingians {History is agreed these 'Franks were Teuton Knights and Kelts from pre-Roman time. There is reason to connectrepparttar 138086 Germanic people back through Hallstatt torepparttar 138087 Danube.}, were peculiar in several respects. Notrepparttar 138088 least of their peculiarities was that they claimed to be Jewish! They claimed to representrepparttar 138089 majority ofrepparttar 138090 Tribe of Benjamin!

{Remember there are many tongues that confuserepparttar 138091 'l' andrepparttar 138092 'r' and that Phoenicians may have a Mu or Asian component from Egypt according to Churchward and others.}


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

This poem is based on a true event that happened May 11 and May 12, 2005

God's promises are yes and amen He said wondrous signs he would send Yesterday evening I was hoeing my garden A gentle refreshing sweet rain was falling

I stopped a moment to take a rest A light wind was blowing fromrepparttar west I looked atrepparttar 137990 sky and saw a wondrous sight A double rainbow with colors so bright

Verse 11 of Psalm 61 came to my mind Power belongs unto God, he's good and kind He placedrepparttar 137991 rainbow as a token Of his promise to Noah, it won't be broken

This morning I was standing by my pecan tree The thing that I saw was amazing to me Snow onrepparttar 137992 ground duringrepparttar 137993 month of May Reminded me ofrepparttar 137994 manna he sent each day

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