Join the American Hiking Society

Written by Monica Marty

Have you taken up hiking as a new form of family recreation? Are you a serious hiker that spends hours on challenging trails? Do you want to find a way to become more involved in hiking acrossrepparttar nation? Hikers of any background will want to check outrepparttar 148461 “American Hiking Society”. This society is an alliance of local hiking clubs and provides a wealth of resources and activities for hikers of any background.

They have a bounty of events to choose from including National Trails Day and Winter Trails Day. Thousands of trail events are held acrossrepparttar 148462 nation in June and January encouraging hikers to get involved in conservation and other hiking activities. For example, duringrepparttar 148463 Winter Trails Day hikers can learn how to snowshoe, cross country ski, and many other winter activities alongrepparttar 148464 hiking trails. It is a great way to meet up with fellow hikers and experiencerepparttar 148465 richness and fun of hiking.

Hikers can also participate in volunteer vacations, jobs, and internships. During 2005 they planned 1-2 week volunteer trips where hikers can lend a hand in building footpaths, cabins, and shelters. Hikers will not only be able to bond with their fellow hikers, but add value torepparttar 148466 beauty ofrepparttar 148467 hiking experience for others. It is a learning experience that is priceless.

Do you hike because you are trying to increase your fitness? The American Hiking Association has foundrepparttar 148468 hiking trails just for you. They have identifiedrepparttar 148469 top ten “fitness” trails all acrossrepparttar 148470 country. These trails are sure to give you a great workout. Plus, you can skiprepparttar 148471 confines and boredom of your regular gym workout. The majority ofrepparttar 148472 trails are situated onrepparttar 148473 East and West coasts. A trail overview including length and terrain are provided. This will help you to get started on your fitness hike.

The Benefits of One Day Hiking Trips

Written by Monica Marty

Do you like to take one day hiking trips? Do you want to take hiking trips on trails near your home? One day hiking trips have a number of advantages. They are great forrepparttar recreational hiker. Minimal hiking gear is required and you can take pleasure inrepparttar 148460 fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Short day hikes are also a beneficial form of exercise. You can control your speed and terrain elevation. One day you can focus on endurance over flat trails while another day can be spent sprinting and climbing up steeper terrain.

One day hikes commonly take place on easily accessible trails in your area. Therefore, you can discover hidden nature treasures that are in your backyard. You can venture out for a day of leisurely or extreme hiking. Instead of setting up camp forrepparttar 148461 night, you can return torepparttar 148462 comforts of your own home.

What hiking gear is necessary for a one day trip? It depends onrepparttar 148463 weather, terrain, and experience level ofrepparttar 148464 hikers. However, there is basic hiking equipment that you will need. When choosing a hiking backpack, opt for a smaller pack. You don’t want to spend your day trip lugging around a heavy backpack. It is a good idea to bring extra clothes in case your clothes become wet orrepparttar 148465 weather gets cooler. The key is to dress in layers.

It is vital to keep well hydrated, especially inrepparttar 148466 hot summer months. Avoidrepparttar 148467 intense heat ofrepparttar 148468 afternoon sun. One gallon of water per person is recommended. A sports drink such as Gatorade is also an option. Steer clear of sodas and alcohol. These drinks are diuretics and will dehydrate your body. Bring snacks that have substantial good carbohydrates and protein such as nuts and granola. Protein rich fitness bars are also a practical option. Bring extra food just in case you spend a longer time onrepparttar 148469 hiking trail then expected.

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