Join in and Celebrate the 39th annual Pitch In Canada Week

Written by Lillian Brummet

Pitch In Canada is celebrating their 39th annual event between Monday, April 18th and Sunday, April 24th this year. This non-profit organization has been working hard since 1967 to bring awareness to consumers through their "Its up to you" campaigns continually educating on waste reduction and environment clean-up projects.

Pitch In Canada is based entirely on more than 1.5 million volunteers across Canada comprising of individuals, groups, organizations, schools, businesses and local governments that work together to improve communities andrepparttar environment. People spend time cleaning and preservingrepparttar 105334 environment, improving delicate areas like stream beds and lakes, creating more green areas, cleaning waste from hiking trails, tourist spots and promoting events withinrepparttar 105335 community.

The Weather Forecast on Your Computer

Written by David Leonhardt

I userepparttar Internet to find just about every type of information. Evenrepparttar 105332 weather.

Sure, I could just stick my head outrepparttar 105333 window and call out, "Hello. What'srepparttar 105334 weather forecast today?" But ifrepparttar 105335 response is "hurricanes, hail and meteor storms", I don't want my head to be onrepparttar 105336 wrong side ofrepparttar 105337 window whenrepparttar 105338 answer comes down.

Plus, that won't help me fine-tune my last minute travel plans.

So I turn torepparttar 105339 Internet. There are three really easy ways to get a good weather forecast overrepparttar 105340 Internet:

Weather forecast websites:

There are some good weather forecast websites. The one I use most often, because I am in Canada, is The Weather Network, and I also like CNN.

CNN gives current conditions and a five day forecast. The Weather Network provides more detail, with a short term forecast ( this evening, tonight, tomorrow morning, etc.) and a longer term forecast overrepparttar 105341 next six days. The Weather Network providesrepparttar 105342 most detail of allrepparttar 105343 options, but it takes longer to download thanrepparttar 105344 progress of climate change (so don't do it on a 26K modem!) Both offer forecasts for cities worldwide.

Weather forecast software:

A second way, which does not even require going to a website, is to get current conditions right on your desktop. There are free weather forecast software downloads that display key data right on your desktop, and even provide a text summary one click away.

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