Johnny Appleseed ... A Lesson In Sowing And Reaping

Written by John Colanzi

Rememberrepparttar story of Johnny Appleseed? Good old Johnny would travel from place to place sowing apple seeds.

As soon as he planted seeds in one place he'd move on and begin again.

Ezine writing is a lot like that. The seeds are our articles and we reap traffic, new subscribers and sales.

So what lessons can we learn from Johnny Appleseed?

1. Don't expect immediate results.

Imagine if Johnny sat and waited for each of his seeds to take root. He wouldn't have covered much ground.

Keep sending out your articles, don't wait for individual results.

2. Don't try to determine ahead of times which articles will get a good response.

When planting apple seeds John knew some would take root and others wouldn't. He didn't know which ones to plant.

Write A Newsletter To Get Site Visitors To Return!

Written by Steve Nash

How many visitors to your site *ever* return?

Not as many as you would like, I bet! It is a lot easier and less time-consuming to promote your site to people who have *already* visited. So how do you do that? Well, you could:

- Ask people to bookmark your site;

- Get people to make your site their homepage (your site had better be good!);

- Make your siterepparttar next Yahoo! or Napster or Hotmail (ideal, but not too easy); or...

- Publish an ezine or newsletter!

Yes, publish a newsletter (and get people to subscribe)!

Writing a newsletter isrepparttar 124294 BEST WAY to stay in touch with site visitors and existing customers. Atrepparttar 124295 *very least* you can remind them about your website on a regular basis. But, even better, you get a chance to develop trust between your visitors and yourself. And onrepparttar 124296 faceless Internet, trust is everything!


Visit Brian Alt's Email Publishing Digest (EPDigest). This easy- to-use site has it all when it comes to email publishing. It coversrepparttar 124297 important topics like list design, list management, list promotion. It discussesrepparttar 124298 pros and cons of text versus HTML newsletters (and shows you how to do both). And it covers community building, newsletter advertising, and even where to get (and offer) free content,

Brian,repparttar 124299 author of several ebooks including The Insider Guide to Power Ezine Promotion, is a regular contributor to another great website , so he knows his stuff.



As with your website, you need to promote your newsletter, and get people to sign-up. By all means start with your friends and family, and then try these legitimate methods (please don't send unsolicited mail - SPAM wastes everyone's time!):

* You MUST promote your newsletter on your own site

- Putrepparttar 124300 newsletter sign-up form atrepparttar 124301 top left or top right of as many of your pages as possible. Offer an incentive to sign-up, sellrepparttar 124302 benefits of your newsletter (first notice ofrepparttar 124303 next sale, for instance, or chance to win something)

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