John Wayne Took The Good With The Bad

Written by Stephen Schochet

Forrepparttar last twenty years of his life, John Wayne often had a profound effect on people that crossed his path. Meeting him in person for some was like meeting Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. Yetrepparttar 118239 Duke usually stayed humble and almost always kept his sense of humor.

One time he was out with a group of friends who all were all eating and drinking heavily. The Duke excused himself to go torepparttar 118240 men's room and when he came back his pants leg was wet. "Hey Duke what happened?" one of them asked.

Tales Of A Hollywood Tour Guide

Written by Stephen Schochet

Author/Narrator Stephen Schochet researched Hollywood and Disney stories and lore for 10 years while giving tours of Hollywood. He hadrepparttar unique idearepparttar 118238 stories could be told anywhere and that's what led him to createrepparttar 118239 critically acclaimed audiobooks "Fascinating Walt Disney" and "Tales Of Hollywood". Here he shares some stories that happened while he was actually giving tours:

On one tour I pointed outrepparttar 118240 Fox Plaza,repparttar 118241 building that was blown up inrepparttar 118242 movie Die Hard. A tourist asked me "How did they put that building back together so fast?" * Onrepparttar 118243 tour we stop at Rodeo Drive. The people were returning torepparttar 118244 bus after their visit and Steve Garvey came walking by. A life long Dodger fan I said," Hi Steve." Happy forrepparttar 118245 recognition, he came over to meetrepparttar 118246 people onrepparttar 118247 bus. Unfortunately,repparttar 118248 entire group was from England and Germany and not a single person knew who he was. * The day after OJ Simpson was arrested, I was doing a tour where we stopped in front ofrepparttar 118249 Chinese Theater. My customers were looking atrepparttar 118250 handprints and footprints, while I stretched my legs near a row of parked tour buses. Two men, one with a filming camera approached me. "Hi We're from CNN. Are you a tour guide? We would like to interview you about OJ." "Sure." "Great. Rollrepparttar 118251 camera. We're talking to a Hollywood tour guide. So

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