John McCain's "Agreed Framework"

Written by J.J. Jackson

I am by no means a fan of Senator John McCain (Arizona). And it seems like every couple weeks I become less and less of a fan of his even being inrepparttar Republican Party. Today, I am torepparttar 139853 point of publicly asking Senator McCain to just make it official and turnrepparttar 139854 (R) next to his name into a (D). PLEASE! Enough withrepparttar 139855 charade!

Campaign Finance Reform brought me torepparttar 139856 edge ofrepparttar 139857 cliff of my patience. Now, Senator John McCain attempting to nukerepparttar 139858 Constitutional Option has forced me to jump.

History teaches us many lessons. One ofrepparttar 139859 most important is that you can never negotiate in good faith with those that are not bound to reality but that would rather pursue their own power over all else. John McCain has now made his bed with those that seek power above all else;repparttar 139860 Senate Democrats.

Joined by six other Republicans unwilling to force an up or down vote on judicial nominees and seven Democrats who never had any intention of voting for conservative judicial nominees, McCain has attempted to maintainrepparttar 139861 state of Constitutional chaos that currently exists inrepparttar 139862 Senate. He and his gang of 13 reached a hollow compromise that spat inrepparttar 139863 face of all that is right and just. He basically said "SCREW YOU!" torepparttar 139864 Constitution andrepparttar 139865 voters of America that have given Republicansrepparttar 139866 control ofrepparttar 139867 Federal Government.

The Constitution calls for advice and consent on Presidential judicial nominees. The Democrats don't like that because they are inrepparttar 139868 minority and do not holdrepparttar 139869 Presidency so they are basically left out inrepparttar 139870 cold clinging with white knuckles torepparttar 139871 last vestige of their power which isrepparttar 139872 courts. So they have resorted to simply denying up and down votes on nominees that have both passed through committee and have enough votes byrepparttar 139873 representatives ofrepparttar 139874 people to be seated upon their respective benches.

The deal between McCain andrepparttar 139875 Democrats, which is as rotten as they come, basically pavedrepparttar 139876 way for votes on three of ten nominees while chuckingrepparttar 139877 other seven torepparttar 139878 wolves. That's a paultry 30% for those of you that are weak at math. The deal also lets Senate Democrats maintainrepparttar 139879 right to indefinitely delay votes on any other judges inrepparttar 139880 future. They claim that they will only do so however under "extraordinary circumstances".

Jesse and Al should read this!

Written by Doug Bower

Instead of getting all bent out of shape over innocuous remarks made byrepparttar President of Mexico, perhapsrepparttar 139436 Lord and Prince of African-American Ideological Imperialism (that's Lord Jesse and Prince Al) should know just how Americans apply for those jobs they so vehemently claim Mexicans are stealing.

The good folks at recently took a peek intorepparttar 139437 matter. In a survey of 600 hiring managers, 70 percent of them reportedrepparttar 139438 following bizarre behaviors displayed by American job applicants. [1]

Now listen carefully Lord Jackson and Prince Al:

· No shows—they makerepparttar 139439 appointment forrepparttar 139440 job interview then do not show up

· Compulsive watch-checking duringrepparttar 139441 interview

· Interviewee askingrepparttar 139442 interviewer to hurry uprepparttar 139443 interview

· Applicants literally running fromrepparttar 139444 room as soon asrepparttar 139445 word "drug testing" is mentioned

· Applicants tellingrepparttar 139446 hiring manager thatrepparttar 139447 company has a black aura and leavingrepparttar 139448 interview

· Applicants showing up forrepparttar 139449 interview in T-shirts and jeans

· "One job hopeful arrived at his interview displaying a hairy chest, medallion, strong cologne and a wad of gum in his mouth. And which is worse:repparttar 139450 applicant who wore a housecoat and slippers orrepparttar 139451 one who wore his slippers with a bathing suit and T-shirt?" [2]

· Applicant singingrepparttar 139452 national anthem

· Trying to sellrepparttar 139453 interviewer a car

· Applicant drops torepparttar 139454 floor and starts doing Yoga duringrepparttar 139455 interview

· Applicant lapses into doing celebrity imitations

· Applicant tells interviewer he wantsrepparttar 139456 job so he can getrepparttar 139457 employee discounts and then retire in 2 months

· Applicant tellsrepparttar 139458 interviewer that George Bush was his last supervisor at his previous place of employment

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