John Kerry Won the Election... Or so Says Harvard University

Written by Gary R. Hess

The elections in America have become a joke.

For those of you who don't know, your vote may not actually count especially if you are from a county which is made up of minorities.

The average percentage of vote not counted during each election year is 3% ranging from 1% in some states to 4% in others.

A study inrepparttar year 2002 by Harvard University shows that ofrepparttar 125924 top 100 Counties which heldrepparttar 125925 highest ‘spoilage’ 67 of those counties were made up more than 12% African American whereasrepparttar 125926 lowest 100 Counties with spoilage were above 75% white.

By mathematical standards this is a STRONG correlation of black votes being excluded. Ifrepparttar 125927 votes had been counted in 2000 Al Gore won by a landslide. If they were counted in 2004, John Kerry wins New Mexico and Ohio very handily and becomes president in 2005.

For more info on this:

There are a total of 247,672 votes not counted in Ohio, if you addrepparttar 125928 92,672 discarded votes plusrepparttar 125929 155,000 provisional ballots (which happened to be predominantly Kerry votes).

Same Sex Marriage: Legislating Morality

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Biologically, a coupling between male and female (with some very rare exceptions like aphids, mites, and some lizards) is required for procreation, critical for survival ofrepparttar species. Onrepparttar 125923 other hand, marriage is a human social contract, historically accepted asrepparttar 125924 optimum means of raising offspring who require years of care before they become independent.

Divine blessing onrepparttar 125925 union is important to many but marriage inrepparttar 125926 eyes of religion is totally separate fromrepparttar 125927 civil contract of marriage itself. It isrepparttar 125928 civil contract which has legal standing for government programs like social security and which can be severed byrepparttar 125929 courts in divorce proceedings. As a social contract between two individuals,repparttar 125930 presumption that one must be male and one must be female is irrelevant.

Marriage is certainly an emotional and legal commitment. Once two individuals makerepparttar 125931 choice that they will spendrepparttar 125932 rest of their lives together, society approvesrepparttar 125933 decision, notwithstandingrepparttar 125934 fact that only half of us will be able to permanently remain in that relationship. It is approved because it is a force for stability and responsibility, both vital if a culture is to thrive.

Most married couples have children; many do not. Child rearing is therefore only one aspect ofrepparttar 125935 state of matrimony, notrepparttar 125936 sole reason for its existence. So whyrepparttar 125937 outcry against same-sex marriage which bringsrepparttar 125938 same forces of stability and responsibility to society as do heterosexual unions?

I suggest thatrepparttar 125939 widespread movement against gay marriage is not really directed at marital vows at all but is a revolt against homosexuality itself. Rather than supporting gays by letting them receive legal sanction for their relationships, we want to punish them. They have stepped outsiderepparttar 125940 bounds of our experience. They make us feel uncomfortable. We see a young man and a girl kissing onrepparttar 125941 street and smile. We see two young men kissing and emotionally recoil. Most heterosexuals cannot understand gays and unconsciously think that there is "something wrong" with them. (Until 20 years ago, homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder!) If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, gays are from another galaxy.

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