Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Bioterrorism Affects Email

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

At a time when critical issues of national importance are being discussed in basement rooms atrepparttar US Capitol due to Anthrax laced letters sent to government offices, email has become more important than ever for person-to-person communications. Bioterrorism has now impacted even email. No worry that you'll get sick when you next check your email inbox since terrorists have not yet figured out how to send those powdery spores via email attachments (digitizing Anthrax spores seems to killrepparttar 109683 little critters).

I sent email to my representatives this week expressing concern about howrepparttar 109684 Anti-Terrorism Bill signed by President Bush poses extensive threats to civil liberties. Even though it was routinely editorialized by major newspapers as going too far without usual protections against abuse by policing agencies, whilerepparttar 109685 final bill does require judicial oversight andrepparttar 109686 bill was given a four year sunset clause to end it in 2005. I expectedrepparttar 109687 usual replies from those officials inrepparttar 109688 form of canned "Thank-you-for-sharing your-thoughts-and-concerns" email. What I got back concerns me even more!

My Senator returned an email urging me to callrepparttar 109689 local office to express my feelings because . . . "As I'm sure you know, letters containing anthrax have disrupted Congress by forcingrepparttar 109690 closure ofrepparttar 109691 House and Senate office buildings. The Capitol, however, remains open and legislative work continues." What has that to do with email Senator?

The Senator goes on . . . "Currently I've received approximately 30,000 letters and emails which, because ofrepparttar 109692 closure ofrepparttar 109693 Senate office buildings, my staff and I have been unable to open and process. Thousands of more letters are being held byrepparttar 109694 Capitol Police." Sorry Senator, that doesn't fly, it falls flat an excuse for access to email.

I have an old college buddy who works for another senator who tells me he's set up at home to retrieverepparttar 109695 office emails and continues to work from there. I knowrepparttar 109696 flow of email has not slowed due to Anthrax and it is now an even more reliable method to reach elected representatives, as it can be retrieved from anywhere.

How did my Congressperson respond? "This reply is not your final correspondence from me -- it's just an automatic acknowledgment that I have received your e-mail. I will send you a response throughrepparttar 109697 regular mail service that addresses your specific concern. However, in order to ensure that I can respond properly, I ask that you reply back with your full mailing address, including street address, city and zip code."

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