Jobless in July

Written by Detra Davis

There is really nothing worse than being jobless in July, except perhaps being jobless in January during a snow storm in Cook County, Minnesota. News reports aboutrepparttar economy trying to make a come back are no encouragement to someone looking for work. It is a hopeless felling when you are jobless inrepparttar 143726 heart ofrepparttar 143727 summer. July is for vacations, taking dips inrepparttar 143728 pool, playing golf and attending summer concerts. What is a jobless person to do? Dr. Phil would probably say, son, nothing happens unless you have a plan. Since you must work, seek summer job opportunities.

Save your major job search efforts for permanent full time employment until after Labor Day. The summer help will go back to school and those who are going on maternity or medical leave will notifyrepparttar 143729 boss of their exit dates. Do you need work right away? Swallow your pride and pick-up a summer time job, i.e. restaurants that work until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., home improvement stores, landscape companies and don’t forget temp agencies. Duringrepparttar 143730 summerrepparttar 143731 unemployed are competing withrepparttar 143732 high school graduates andrepparttar 143733 college graduates, it is not fair, summer is a bummer.

This can berepparttar 143734 time when you can also try your hand at starting your own little business. If you like to cook or barbecue, you may want to try it for profit. Start small, keep it simple and be creative. If you truly need a job and you or your spouse, significant other, mother or dad is good with a grill or makes a mean smoked chicken and garlic cheese wrap, give catering a try. The one thing people do all summer is eat. Some eat light, some don’t, but everyone eats.

Should I Get An Online Degree?

Written by Fred DiUlus

Is An Online Degree Worth It? A very real debate rages overrepparttar validity of online education and whether students working totally online acquire an education equal to one exclusively acquired from a brick and mortar classroom. Considering that in a generation most higher education of any consequence torepparttar 143725 general public will be simultaneously or totally offered and available online,repparttar 143726 debate is basically dead. Overrepparttar 143727 next 30 yearsrepparttar 143728 landscape will be completely reversed. The largest and most sought after universities will be those available exclusively online, in many languages, worldwide.

Many of today’s mainstream academics, perhaps soon to be known asrepparttar 143729 dinosaurs of higher education, continue to offer faulty and questionable research that allegedly supports their contention that an online education is neither good or valid, nor rigorous as that with a traditional teacher in a classroom. argue thatrepparttar 143730 issue is one of ‘process’ versus ‘content’. In effect, they believe online courses have no content enrichment simply because they are offered online. They are in denial and not unlikerepparttar 143731 educators inrepparttar 143732 Middle Ages who thought thatrepparttar 143733 introduction ofrepparttar 143734 blackboard would destroy higher education.

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