Job Search Website Application Cheat Sheet

Written by Joel Walsh

Read on to find out how to give yourself an unfair advantage in applying on job search websites.

You need to approach a job search website not fromrepparttar point of view of someone who wants a job, but fromrepparttar 150887 point of view ofrepparttar 150888 person who has to handle hundreds of applications.

Ultimately, it's that person's hopes and dreams for getting throughrepparttar 150889 mass of applications that matters, not your hopes and dreams vis-a-vis your career.

Here's how you can make that person's dreams come true:

• KISS--keep it simple and short.

• Provide everything asked for inrepparttar 150890 application. Someone who has to sort through a hundred applications a day doesn't necessarily have time to visit your website, or ask you again forrepparttar 150891 required writing sample, or even clarify any part ofrepparttar 150892 job advertisement.

• Make surerepparttar 150893 very first sentence of your cover letter specifically referencesrepparttar 150894 job in question in a way that makes it clear this is not a form letter (even if it is a form cover letter afterrepparttar 150895 first line). Even something fawningly polite--no, especially something fawningly polite--such as "Thank you for allowing merepparttar 150896 opportunity to apply for your..." will greatly increase your chances of ending up inrepparttar 150897 recycling bin.

Job Search Websites: Advanced Users' Cheat Sheet

1. After applying online, work your network to try to make a human connection atrepparttar 150898 company. The person who postedrepparttar 150899 job has probably already turnedrepparttar 150900 phone off for fear of going deaf from job applicants' calls. But if you can somehow get within a few degrees of separation of that person's assistant, or even a co-worker, you may be able to getrepparttar 150901 face time you need to jump out ofrepparttar 150902 resume slush pile.

2. Try snail-mailing and/or faxing an additional copy of your materials, with a note that you just wanted to make surerepparttar 150903 person got your application. The note should also have a relevant P.S., such as, "congratulations on winning second-place atrepparttar 150904 Widgets Convention new product awards." Does this method haverepparttar 150905 potential to annoy? Yes. Does it give you an effective edge? Usually not--just often enough to make it worthwhile. Ultimately, if you’re serious about getting a job, you need to make sure your application actually makes it front of a pair of human eyes.

Building Teams and Teamwork

Written by CMOE Development Team

A tight knit team is a group of competent individuals who care deeply about each other and are fiercely committed to their mission. They are highly motivated to combining their energy and expertise to achieverepparttar common objective. From our observation and studies on building teams, we have found three primary conditions that have to be met in order to attain higher levels of team performance and member satisfaction.

  • Resources and Commitment
  • Ownership and Heart
  • Learning

These three conditions arerepparttar 150771 heart and soul of teamwork but are not blueprints. Every team is unique, andrepparttar 150772 requirements and details of its teamwork have to be worked out separately. Let’s look closer at condition number two – Ownership and Heart.


This condition necessary for teamwork to blossom requires that building teams occur fromrepparttar 150773 “inside out.” In other words, people have to work hard at developing “team friendly” attitudes, values and beliefs. Teamwork functions best when people believe it fromrepparttar 150774 heart and act or think with integrity and in a way that is aligned with basic team principles. Tightly knit teams are built on attitudes, mindset, and values as much asrepparttar 150775 policies and systems to support them. At its most basic levelrepparttar 150776 key to unlockingrepparttar 150777 power ofrepparttar 150778 teamwork “Genie” depends onrepparttar 150779 willingness ofrepparttar 150780 team members to rubrepparttar 150781 lamp of responsibility. Stake holders inrepparttar 150782 team need a passion for personal management to “install” teamwork and to nurture it. The seeds of teamwork have to be planted, cared for, and developed byrepparttar 150783 members themselves. As we stated before, building teams doesn’t come fromrepparttar 150784 outside in, it comes fromrepparttar 150785 inside out.

There is no question that “outside” forces will impactrepparttar 150786 ease and speed with which teamwork takes hold. But those forces do not controlrepparttar 150787 heart and will ofrepparttar 150788 individuals. Each member is responsible for his/her actions torepparttar 150789 group. There are so many people who just don’t getrepparttar 150790 idea of responsibility and yet these same people tell us that they can’t rememberrepparttar 150791 last time that they had a serious teamwork experience. Some say that they have never feltrepparttar 150792 power, energy and enthusiasm that comes from a solid team experience.

All too often organization members are unaware ofrepparttar 150793 level and quality of teamwork that is going on around them. They are too busy competing against each other to think about it much. In any social structure, if people are not willing to take responsibility, get involved or become interested in what is going on, they deserve what little luck gives them. Members forgo their right to complain aboutrepparttar 150794 level of morale andrepparttar 150795 quality of work life when they don’t assume responsibility, assist in building teams, and help to foster teamwork.

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