Job Lead Websites To Use In Your Telecommuting Search

Written by Nell Taliercio

Let me ask you a question: are you tired of using job sites only to find scam after scam? I bet you're nodding your head in agreement to that question. I know that I was sick and tired of spending all my time online searching for telecommuting jobs only to find scams. Any type of free job site is going to have a few scams, but some sites have more legitimate jobs than others, and some are easier to use than others.

There is one job site that I enjoy, have foundrepparttar most legitimate jobs from, isrepparttar 142278 easiest to search through, and has a good variety of jobs. This site is If you've never used this job search website, I would start using it today!

What makes it such a superior job lead website? Well, let me tell you what I personally like about it. I like that there is an option to search telecommuting jobs only; not too many job sites have this option built intorepparttar 142279 search feature. You simply go to whatever city you want, select whatever category you want, and click onrepparttar 142280 telecommuting option. Then, it pulls uprepparttar 142281 telecommuting jobs! It's sooooo easy!

I also enjoy that there are so many great categories, and there are some really diverse categories. If you're looking for jobs in administration, biotech, writing, teaching or many others, you can find them at

I also enjoy that there are so many cities and countries to search through. If you're searching for Canadian telecommuting jobs, there are options to search that country. If you're looking for telecommuting jobs in Ireland, there is an option to search that country and many other countries as well. Plus well over 30 US cities!

Effective Resume And Cover Letter Writing - Part One

Written by Nell Taliercio

To begin, make a decision to discard any former knowledge learned aboutrepparttar “rules” of resume and cover letter writing. People commonly become stuck in “bad” writing habits from a time gone by.

It is almost a certainty that since you last wrote your resume, much has been learned and even more has been changed. This is as it should be, for everyday, very creative people are adding torepparttar 142277 resume and cover letter writing arsenal.

The Basics

For years, we have been told that to be most effective, a resume should be only one page. This just does not apply any longer! Today’s resume is creative and unique.

Aside fromrepparttar 142278 most essential and key elements, a resume should reflectrepparttar 142279 personality and need ofrepparttar 142280 job seeker and not be some cookie cutter rendition of what is “acceptable and expected.”

Standards in resumes and cover letters have changed dramatically, but, only so far asrepparttar 142281 job seeker hasrepparttar 142282 creative expression and know-how to pull it off! Therein liesrepparttar 142283 difference. Everyday, employers read all ofrepparttar 142284 standard resumes. They are required to go through each and every one! But, which one will catch their eye?

Formatting in resumes and cover letters has expanded, too. When you consider that your resume will be your own, personalized form of marketing yourself -- this lends itself to all manner of unique communication and expression.

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