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Written by Job Sniper Staff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Tucson, AZ –,repparttar Internet’s number one rated jobs meta-search engine*, and,repparttar 107127 new media division at American City Business Journals, today announcedrepparttar 107128 deployment of JobSniper’s free professional career evaluation and job search tools at’s recently revamped network of career sites. *Insala Research-June 2004

Withrepparttar 107129 launch ofrepparttar 107130 redesigned and refocused career portal,, through a partner agreement with Chandler Hill Partners,repparttar 107131 nation’s leading career search specialists, will provide a free detailed and in-depth, professional online career evaluation to all users.

Those completingrepparttar 107132 free online career evaluation will also be given free access to additional career resources such as job hunting skills tests, search agents, sample resumes, sample cover letters , career site reviews and much more.

“Providing timely, relevant and valuable employment information is just an extension of our business information services,” said Michael Montoya, Vice President of Product and Business Development at “Our focus has always been to deliverrepparttar 107133 kinds of information that enable opportunity; we’ve simply applied those same principles to our career services.”

About is a sophisticated set of career-related tools designed to focus a jobseeker's career search and job search efforts onrepparttar 107134 most productive online resources. Our Meta-Search Technology, Search Agents, and Career-Related Information make it possible for jobseekers to findrepparttar 107135 resources best suited to their job search and employment needs. Simply stated, JobSniper isrepparttar 107136 best tool for managing careers andrepparttar 107137 job-hunting process.

JobSniper was developed and is managed by a highly skilled team of career industry professionals, whose mission is to develop and deploy web-enabled applications that allow recruiters and employers to optimizerepparttar 107138 job search and client-acquisition process.

JobSniper has been providing technology and information services forrepparttar 107139 human capital industry for nearly a decade. Our experience and insight intorepparttar 107140 unique needs ofrepparttar 107141 jobseeker, recruiter and employer is unparalleled inrepparttar 107142 industry. JobSniper services jobseekers, recruiters and employersrepparttar 107143 US, Canada, andrepparttar 107144 United Kingdom. For more information about JobSniper, please visit us at

About Chandler Hill Partners

Chandler Hill Partners isrepparttar 107145 nation’s leading career search specialists. With more than 40 locations nationwide, Chandler Hill Partners has earned a reputation for integrity, innovation, dedication to quality and commitment to results. Chandler Hill Partners provides a wide range of services for both jobseekers and employers.

Unemployment Blues: Getting Active

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Unemployment is depressing: financial pressures stress you out, looking for work is humiliating, and your fragile self-confidence reels underrepparttar blows of indifference and rejection.

It becomes harder to get up inrepparttar 107126 morning, to take care of yourself, to be supportive and loving to those around you, to swing energetically into job search activities.

Here are 7 tips on beating those I-want-to-get-a-job-but-nobody-wants-me blues.

1. Create a schedule for your week: 5 hours per day (maximum) of looking for work, 2 hours per day (minimum) of relaxing, having fun with others, and appreciating yourself. 2. Act as if you are still working: get up at your usual time, shower, have your regular breakfast – it will maintain your sense of sense and providerepparttar 107127 familiarity of routine and structure in a world in which you are feeling increasingly alienated. 3. Get out ofrepparttar 107128 house. Employers don’t make house calls so circulate. Surfingrepparttar 107129 net for job leads may make you feel as if you are accomplishing something but is often only a means of escape. By all means, post your resume anywhere you can, but then hitrepparttar 107130 road. 4. Actively nurture your relationships. Avoid letting your misery and self-reproach poison your interactions with those who love you and want to help. Recognize that your loved ones may also be in distress and takerepparttar 107131 time to go somewhere and do something with family and friends.

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